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Powershop is a brand-new electricity-only supplier serving England, southern Scotland and Wales

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About Powershop

Originating in New Zealand, Powershop entered the UK market in 2017, with an innovative take on helping English, Scottish and Welsh households get more engaged with their energy supply for better understanding and better savings.

Powershop aims to treat electricity like so many other consumer goods by allowing consumers to purchase only as much electricity as they need, when they need it — the same way consumers fill up their cars with petrol or stop off for milk when they are running low.

Powershop customers do this by purchasing electricity in the form of ‘Powerpacks’ via the supplier’s website or a smartphone app. These Powerpacks act as a savings against Powershop’s standard variable rates.

And, just like your local grocer puts items on sale, customers can often grab a great deal on a specially priced Powerpack.

Powerpacks: how it works

Powerpacks are offered in varying sizes tailored to a customer’s usage, and come in three formats:

Future pack: This pack gives you the option of buying electricity to use later in the year to save more money during more energy consuming times

Special pack: These are the packs that pop up as a surprise in the Powerpack shop and offer special discounts and deals. Customers are encouraged to keep logging in — and engaging with their energy usage — to check for these specialty deals.

Top up pack: A standard pack that’s always in the shop for everyday savings.

Powerpacks can be purchased online via Powershop’s website, or through their free smartphone app. Customers will receive notifications every time a new pack is added to the shop.

Introductory offer to new customers

To help new customers adjust to this new way of purchasing electricity, Powershop is providing an introductory offer in the form of their Easy Saver Promise.

With this promise, a household can switch to Powershop, and are encouraged to purchase Powerpacks throughout the year. The supplier will check in on these customers to see how they’re getting on. And, if the customer does not purchase any Powerpacks, the supplier will drop some into their account (with a notification) to ensure the customers don’t pay more than the “promised” rate.

Customer satisfaction

As a new supplier, Powershop was not included in our most recent independent YouGov survey, so we don't have a customer satisfaction rating for this supplier.

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