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Spark Energy

Spark Energy

Spark Energy is a small energy supplier who aim to make energy simple for every customer.

Spark Energy ceased trading in November 2018. Its customers were moved to Ovo Energy.

Spark Energy used to only specialise in rentals, landlords and property management, but now also provides tariffs for private households.

The supplier still does focus on the lettings market, and boast 160 employees on its team that make tenants their first priority. They bill themselves as the "refreshing alternative" to the big six, and claim to have provided energy to 300,000 customers over the past six years.

Beat the energy price rises

All of the big six suppliers have raised their prices in 2019 following the Ofgem price cap increase. Don’t get caught out - switch to a fixed deal today!

To improve customer service experience, Spark Energy offers online account management and a free call-back service, and recently launched live online chat.

Moved into a property with Spark Energy as the supplier?

Spark Energy may be the preferred supplier for your rental property, which means that your new home has already been set up with an account with your details.

Typically, these details would have been passed on by your letting agent to Spark Energy as part of the terms of your lease agreement — and authorisation to do this will be outlined in that agreement. You can check your copy of your lease to confirm this is the case.

You should be aware that it is within your rights to switch energy supplier, even if your property has a preferred supplier, and you have signed a lease agreeing to the preferred supplier.

For more information on switching energy at a rental property, read our Tenants’ Guide to Switching.

Learn more about Spark Energy in our Meet the Small Suppliers interview.

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