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Compare SMARTY Mobile & SIM only deals, coverage, data and speeds

  • Uswitch Awards Best SIM-Only Value for Money 2022
  • No speed restrictions
  • Simple, keenly priced plans and no long contracts
  • No credit checks

Top SMARTY deals

Bestselling SIM Only Deal
SMARTY Multi SIM Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 200GB data No contract £14.00 per month Buy now
Cyber Monday deal

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Why choose SMARTY?

Uswitch Awards Best SIM-Only Value for Money 2022

No speed restrictions

Smarty plans don't have any speed restrictions.

Simple, keenly priced plans and no long contracts

Priced from £7.50 per month, Smarty's Small, Medium and Large plans all operate on a month-to-month rolling contract basis. So you're not locked in for a long time and can cancel whenever you like with 30 days' notice.

No credit checks

You can sign up to a SMARTY without the need for any credit checks.


SMARTY bills itself as the “simplest and most honest network ever”, with uncomplicated SIM only deals based on how much data you want.

  • Unlimited
  • 200GB
  • 120GB
  • 30GB
  • 12GB
  • 16GB
  • 6GB


As you might expect for a network that’s focused on value, SMARTY doesn’t offer the kind of attention-grabbing customer incentives, such as giveaways and cheap tickets, that you get with the likes of O2 Priority.

But that’s not to say it’s not without some unique selling points. These are:

  • No long contracts SMARTY plans operate on a month-to-month rolling contract basis. So you can cancel whenever you like.
  • Extensive coverage SMARTY uses Three’s network. That means you get 91% 4G coverage across the UK.
  • EU roaming still included SMARTY allows you to continue using your allowance in European destinations.
  • Group plans You can save 10% on every SIM you add to a group plan.


SMARTY's service is based on parent company Three’s network. So you’ll get 5G in a wide range of UK locations as well as 91% 4G coverage.


Smarty uses Three's network which averages 30.7Mbps download speeds and 5.6Mbps upload speeds.


SMARTY’s roaming scheme is divided into two plans:

With SMARTY you can use your mobile to call, text and get online while travelling abroad.

Travelling in the EU

Everything works like home. Data comes out of your monthly allowance or data add-ons. Calls and texts are unlimited. You need a cash add-on to make calls and texts from EU countries to the rest of the world.

Travelling outside the EU

You need a cash add-on for data, calls and texts for countries outside the EU. Top up your cash balance, then just pay as you go.

Want to know more? Here's everything you need to know about SMARTY's roaming policy.

Customer service

SMARTY doesn’t offer customer service telephone support. However, customers can contact support by visiting the SMARTY site and starting a web chat.

The web chat service is available from 8am to 8pm every day, except Bank Holidays.

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