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SMARTY international roaming FAQ

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At the time of writing, SMARTY is a UK-only network and doesn’t offer any mobile phone plans that allow you to use your phone overseas or make overseas calls. However, it's possible this will change in future.

SMARTY customers can still make international calls using apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Does this mean I can't use my Smarty phone overseas?

That's correct. Or rather you can't use it on the SMARTY network. You'll still be able to insert another network's SIM and roam freely while you're away.

The very fact that you're using a SMARTY phone means your handset is unlocked. So you can take your pick of networks that allow you to use your roaming allowance for no extra charge within the EU.

What are my options if I want to use my SMARTY phone overseas?

If you like the look of SMARTY and want to take advantage of its well priced, simple SIM only plans for use in the UK, it's a very good bet.

If you're heading oveseas, though, we'd recommend you sign up for a one-month SIM only for another network to cover the time you're away. Then just cancel it when you're back home.

If you're smart you could even offset the cost of the new SIM and month's usage by persuading a friend to sign up for a SMARTY plan. Under the terms of SMARTY's refer a friend scheme, you'd then qualify for one month free.

Of course, because you won't be using any of your SMARTY data allowance while you're away, you'd also qualify for money back. Unique to SMARTY, this offer could mean you get as much as £10 back if you were on SMARTY's 8GB per month plan.

Keen to know more about roaming? Which networks are best for travellers? We take a look in our one-stop network by network roaming guide.

Anything else I need to know about SMARTY?

From discounts on unused data to its refer-a-friend scheme, SMARTY has got a lot to recommend it.

Take a closer look at what it's got to offer with our one-stop guide.

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