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Compare Lyca Mobile SIM only deals

If you’re after a cheaper SIM only deal with inclusive overseas calling, Lyca Mobile is one of the best providers on the market.

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Author Ray Ali Last updated March 23rd 2023

Is Lycamobile a good network?

Lyca Mobile offers many mobile phone plans that are easy on the wallet. There's a variety of deals to choose from, ranging from one-month, to 12-month plans with options in between too. 

Sure, a lot of networks offer good-value deals, but Lyca Mobile stands apart from the group thanks to its international inclusive minutes. Lebara is the only other network to really offer this sort of extra.

If you have friends or family overseas and want to stay connected, Lyca Mobile is a good option. 

Lyca Mobile is similar to other low-cost networks in the sense that it doesn’t offer flashy extras, like those you may find with bigger networks like Vodafone or O2. Instead, Lyca Mobile focuses on providing cheaper rates with a slant on affordability and flexibility.

How to choose the best Lyca SIM only plan for me? 

Lyca Mobile has a broad range of SIM-only plans to choose from, so you should think about what you want from your deal. You can get as little as 3GB of data or go all the way up to unlimited.

Most of these deals can be snapped up rolling one-month flexible plans, but you can also sign up for longer terms whether it's get some deals on a three-months, six-months or 12-months. The longer the deal, the more you’re likely to save too. 

One thing to think about is whether you want an International or National or plan.

National plans offer at least 100 international inclusive minutes, but International plans include from 500 minutes to unlimited! Both are good for overseas calls, but the International option is perfect if you frequently speak to people in far-flung nations. 

Most plans will include unlimited UK calls and texts too, as well as 5G-ready SIM cards and EU roaming.

Find out more on our Lyca Mobile network page

What data plans does Lyca Mobile offer?

Lyca Mobile offers a range of data plans to choose from. From low-GB deals going all the way up to unlimited. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you compare its plans:

  • Unlimited data: Lyca Mobile’s unlimited deal currently costs just £25 per month, so it’s a great option if you never want to run out of data. 

  • 200GB: Alternatively, if you want to save a little money, drop down to the 200GB deal for £20 per month. That’s still more than enough data for most users. 

  • 3GB - 30GB: If you don’t need as much as the 200GB or unlimited data, then compare Lyca Mobile deals which range between 3GB - 30GB and you’ll soon find the perfect package to match your requirements.

Can I use my Lyca SIM abroad?

Since Brexit, the majority of UK networks brought back roaming fees However, Lyca Mobile has bucked this trend by keeping inclusive EU roaming as a part of all its price plans.

How do I activate my Lyca Mobile SIM?

Once you’ve signed up for your Lyca Mobile deal, you’ll be moments away from starting the service. When you receive your SIM card, all you have to do is pop it into your mobile phone (providing its unlocked, of course). Then, you should be able to get started right away!

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