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iPhone 4G shell surfaces online

iPhone 4G shell surfaces online

The latest piece of news to join the iPhone 4G rumour mill originates in Portugal, where a fan site got its hands on what appears to be the external casing for Apple's next smartphone.

See the 'iPhone 4G shells' below

The iPhone 4G has not been officially announced, but iPhone Portugal acquired a fairly convincing shell which was allegedly taken directly from the production line.

Apparently the shell was snapped up for an undisclosed fee from a seller in China, which suggests that it was indeed removed from an official iPhone manufacturing plant, presumably operated by Foxconn.

The one incongruous problem with the leaked shell is the lack of obvious Apple brand logos, which might be seen as suspect. However, if it was taken in the production process before such hallmarks are added then it could still turn out to be the real thing, according to ZD Net.

This latest iPhone rumour will probably cause little controversy and is unlikely to result in Apple executives losing any sleep, as it is believed that the new iPhone model will make its official debut next week.

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