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Wuntu refreshed: Three’s rewards app gets an update

Three Wuntu Hero app

Launched towards the end of last year, Three’s rewards app, Wuntu, gives customers access to exclusive deals, discounts and competitions.

However, many users initially experienced teething troubles with the app, finding it slow to load and quick to crash. Lots of Three customers also complained that the limited availability of many offers caused them to miss out.

Luckily, Three has taken on-board the customer feedback that left Wuntu with an average rating of less than 2 stars on Google’s Play Store. And the changes are clearly making a difference as, since the updated version of Wuntu launched last week, its Play Store ratings have already improved.

And although it’s early days, we’ve definitely noticed a positive difference with our Wuntu app. It’s certainly loads a lot quicker now, although it’s still slower than we’d like.

We’ve also noticed that it doesn’t respond well to being left unattended. If you’re in the middle of scrolling through deals on your Wuntu app and then put your phone down long enough to let the screensaver kick in, the app will instantly go back to the loading page when you return.

Still, it’s definitely a lot less glitchy than Three’s original Wuntu attempt. And, with notifications to let you know when new deals are starting and when they’re about to expire, customers hopefully won’t miss out on any more deals and giveaways.

Another new feature is the option to delete any offers you’re definitely not interested in, so you only view stuff you actually want to see. Word is that the app will begin to learn your likes and dislikes so Wuntu will become personalised to you.

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