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giffgaff gives certain 4G tariffs more data

Its ‘goodybag’ plans get the extra data treatment.
giffgaff goodybag hero

Mobile network giffgaff has increased the data allowance on some of its ‘goodybag’ tariffs.

The carrier's entry-level option (which costs £5 a month) now comes with 500MB of data instead of 100MB. The 1GB tariff (which costs £7.50 a month) now gives you 2GB.

The 3GB and 4GB plans remain unchanged, but the 6GB has increased to 8GB (for £15 a month) and the £20 Always On tariff now comes with 20GB. The £25 tariff also comes with Always On data.

giffgaff tariffs

Always On means that once you’ve used your allowance of 4G data, you’re still connected, but at the reduced speed of 384kbps from 8am until midnight.

As part of its changes, giffgaff has withdrawn the 9GB tariff (which cost £18 a month) and the 500MB one (which cost £5 a month).

giffgaff is an MVNO, which stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. It uses the O2 network and gives you 4G speeds, but without tying you into a lengthy contract.

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