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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6: everything you need to know

Samsung has launched its latest foldable phone series, with the Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 smartphones. Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest release.
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The Z Fold 6 and the Z Flip 6 on a table next to emoji of a folder

‘Maximise productivity, limitless creativity’

Following the successful launch of the S24 series earlier this year, which Samusing fittingly dubbed ‘the era of AI’, the Fold 6 and Flip 6 continue this trend with a host of exciting features. 

  • Live translator: This feature offers live translations of conversations that aren’t in your mother tongue, allowing users to understand and participate in conversations in real-time. It can also translate conversations or phone calls between people speaking different languages, perfect if you need to call a hotel in a different country ahead of your trip.

  • Photo assist: The Flip and Fold 6 cameras cleverly use generative AI-based editing tools and let you easily edit and improve their photos, especially if you aren’t happy with something in the background.

  • AI-enhanced S Pen: You can now use the Samsung S Pen to transform your sketches into real-life images, leveraging AI to bring creative visions to life. This feature makes the S Pen an even more powerful tool for artists and designers.

Samsung has pledged that its latest range of AI features is there to support the creativity of its users by letting AI take care of the administrative tasks, allowing you to use its technology to focus on your passions, whether that be taking awesome photos or running your first marathon! 

Galaxy Fold 6: A new standard in foldable technology

The Galaxy Fold 6 has many stunning features and improvements over its predecessors. One of the standout aspects is its vibrant display. 

The main screen is a 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED panel with an impressive 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, ensuring smooth and responsive visuals. Complementing this is a 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED cover screen featuring a 120 Hz refresh rate.

With a brightness of 2600 nits, the Fold 6 ensures clarity even under direct sunlight. The device is 14 grams lighter than its predecessor, the Fold 5, and 24 grams lighter than the Fold 4, making it easy to carry around and use.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: Main - 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED, 120 Hz; Cover - 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED, 120 Hz

  • Brightness: 2600 nits

  • Camera: 50MP main, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto, 10MP cover selfie, 4MP under-display camera

  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

  • Storage & RAM: 256GB storage with 12GB RAM; available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants

  • Weight: 239g

  • Colours: Pink, Silver Shadow, Navy

  • Pricing: Starting at £1,799 for 256GB, £1,899 for 512GB, and £2,099 for 1TB

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Galaxy Flip 6: Compact yet powerful

The Galaxy Flip 6 offers a perfect blend of style and performance in a compact form. Its main attraction is the foldable 6.7-inch AMOLED display, which delivers fantastic visuals with a resolution of 1080 x 2640 and a 120 Hz refresh rate. 

The Flip 6's camera system includes a 50MP wide camera and a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, ensuring high-quality photos and videos. 

The 10MP front camera caters to selfie enthusiasts and video callers. The Flip 6 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset (the same as the S24 Ultra), which delivers excellent performance, making multitasking and gaming very smooth. 

The device is supported by its 4,000mAh battery, which is again the same as the S24 series and promises all-day usage. 

Key Specifications:

  • Foldable Display: 6.7-inch AMOLED, 120 Hz, 1080 x 2640

  • Cover Screen: 3.4-inch or 3.9-inch AMOLED, 720 x 748+

  • Camera: 50MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP front camera

  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

  • Storage & RAM: Options of 256GB/8GB RAM and 512GB/12GB RAM

  • Battery: 4,000mAh

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals

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How does the Flip/Fold 6 compare to previous models?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 has definitely been given some noteworthy upgrades. The camera has significantly improved from the previous model's 12MP to a 50MP wide-angle camera, supporting 2x optical zoom and AI-powered zoom up to 10x. 

The FlexCam now includes Auto Zoom, which automatically adjusts image framing by detecting subjects. Integrating Galaxy AI with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor brings new capabilities, such as AI-suggested replies and an AI-powered wallpaper option that changes in real time based on time, weather, and photo analysis. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 has also been upgraded from the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and is probably one of the most powerful and versatile handsets available.. The design now feels like a standard phone but opens to reveal a stunningly large main screen. Even with a subtle crease, the large main screen offers a number of entertainment, creative and productive advantages that other smartphones can’t match. 

Its built-in AI features are entertaining and potentially very useful, though many are hidden under menus or non-obvious actions. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 gets Samsung closer to perfecting the balance between a phone and a tablet, delivering a device that excels in both areas. 

However, this cutting-edge experience does come with an even higher price tag - even the cheaper models nearly set you back £2000. This new range is really targeting customers who value the amazing new tech you get with these versatile phones.

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