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Tesco Mobile wins big at the Uswitch Mobiles Awards 2024

It is the season for Uswitch to commend outstanding mobile networks and providers at the Uswitch Telecoms Awards 2024, acknowledging their excellence in value, reliability, and top-notch customer service.
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Mobiles awards 2024 news piece

Amidst the sizzling competition for customers in the broadband arena, Uswitch is thrilled to spotlight the providers which truly outshone all others in the past year.

Made from a blend of customer satisfaction scores, Uswitch data and insights from a panel of distinguished judges, the Uswitch Telecoms Awards highlights those providers who went the extra mile to offer their customers exceptional service.

Network of the Year - Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile picks up our Network of the Year award for 2024. Renowned for its brilliant coverage and cutting-edge tariffs, Tesco Mobile has earned the title for its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of mobile users everywhere.

Tesco Mobile combines affordability and a wide selection of handset deals. But that's not all ā€“ you can also enjoy additional perks like Clubcard points and exclusive 'Family Perksā€™ for monthly free rewards like 250MB ā€“ 1GB of data and 50p ā€“ Ā£2 off your bill.

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Choose between dozens of Tesco Mobile deals on Uswitch.

Handset of the Year - Google Pixel 8 Pro

As determined by our esteemed Telecoms Awards judges, the Google Pixel 8 Pro secures the prestigious title of the top smartphone of the last year. This cutting-edge device stands out with its striking new display that captivates users with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. The camera capabilities are nothing short of extraordinary, delivering exceptionally true-to-life photography that sets a new standard in the industry.

The Pixel's unmatched AI features to distinguish it from its competitors, which redefine the user experience. Integrating artificial intelligence in various aspects of the phone's functionality provides users with a seamless and intuitive interaction. From personalised recommendations to enhanced efficiency, the Pixel's AI capabilities contribute to its position as the forefront smartphone of the year.

In a market flooded with options, the Pixel has managed to edge out all other handsets, making it the epitome of excellence in smartphones of the last 12 months.

Browse our range of Google Pixel 8 Pro deals

Choose between dozens of Google Pixel 8 Pro deals on Uswitch.

Best SIM Only Network - SMARTY

Chosen by the public as the premier SIM only network, SMARTY takes the award with its straightforward, adaptable, and budget-friendly contract options. The simplicity of SMARTY's offerings resonates with users seeking flexibility and affordability in their mobile plans.

What sets SMARTY apart is its simplicity and commitment to providing free EU roaming, catering to the modern lifestyle of users who frequently travel across borders. This added benefit enhances the overall appeal of SMARTY's network, making it the standout choice for those prioritising seamless connectivity at home and abroad.

In a landscape crowded with options, SMARTY's combination of simplicity, flexibility, budget-friendliness, and international convenience positions it as one of the best networks for 2023.

See our range of SMARTY deals

Choose between dozens of SMARTY deals on Uswitch.

Best Network for Data - iD MobileĀ 

iD Mobile takes the crown in the category of Best for Data this year. Offering generous mobile data caps at remarkably reasonable prices, iD Mobile will elevate your connectivity without compromise and the added advantage of free EU roaming.

See our iD Mobile provider page for our range of great offers.

Best Network for Roaming - O2

O2 deserves this award mainly because it is the only major network that doesn't impose extra charges for roaming in the European Union. It is easy to see why O2 customers appreciate O2's customer-friendly stance on roaming, making it a great reason to choose this mobile provider.

Check out our O2 Mobile provider page for our range of great offers.

Lebara is an undeniable favourite among survey participants because it offers value-packed mobile services, stellar customer support, versatile 30-day contracts, and budget-friendly international calling rates.

Lebara Mobile stands out from the typical SIM only providers by catering to a distinct customer profile and tailoring its services accordingly. Specifically designed for those seeking SIM only deals with generous, inclusive allowances for international calls, Lebara Mobile presents an irresistibly attractive offer.

For more information, see our Lebara Mobile SIM only page for a range of great offers.

Best Network for Customer Service - Tesco Mobile

Securing another victory, this time for its excellent customer service, Tesco Mobile continues to deliver convenient contact options, attentive staff, and compelling price points.

Tesco Mobile emerges as the deserving winner of one of Uswitch's most hotly contested awards, with its customer service that goes above and beyond, reaffirming its commitment to providing a satisfying mobile experience.

Best Handset Contract Network - Tesco MobileĀ 

Tesco Mobile's third victory of this yearā€™s awards comes down to several factors, notably the cost-effective pricing for Clubcard customers. By extending exclusive benefits to Clubcard members, Tesco Mobile provides customers with excellent inclusive perks.

Best Contract Value for Money - iD MobileĀ 

Securing the public's favour as the best value for money handset contract provider, iD Mobile deserves the award for its highly competitive deals.

The recognition is a testament to iD Mobileā€™s commitment to providing customers with fantastic quality and cost-effectiveness. The range of deals offered by iD Mobile not only meets but exceeds consumers' expectations, positioning the network as the go-to choice for those seeking the utmost value for their money.

In a market landscape where consumers are increasingly price-conscious, iD Mobile's ability to offer handset contracts with highly competitive pricing is remarkable. The public's resounding choice solidifies iD Mobile's position as one of the best handset contract value-for-money providers.Ā 

Mobile awards 2024 winners

WinnerHighly commended
Network of the Year (Public choice)Tesco Mobilegiffgaff
Best Network for Customer Service (Public choice) Tesco MobileSky
Best Network for Data (Public choice) iD Mobilegiffgaff
Best Network for Roaming (Public choice) O2Lebara Mobile
Best Network for Perks (Public choice) SkyO2
Fastest Mobile Network (Powered by OpenSignal data) EEN/A
Best Handset Contract Network (Public Choice) Tesco MobileiD Mobile
Best Pay As You Go Network (Public choice) giffgaffVodafone
Best SIM Only Network (Public choice) SMARTYgiffgaff
Best Contract Value for Money (Public choice) iD MobileTesco Mobile
Best SIM Only Value for Money (Public choice)SMARTYgiffgaff
Most Popular Mobile Network (Public choice and internal data)Lebara Mobile O2
Handset of the Year (Judges choice)Google Pixel 8 ProSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Best eSIM Provider (Judges choice) AiraloHolafly

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