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BT Sport vs Sky Sports

BT Sport vs Sky Sports

BT or Sky Sports? It's a question facing fans everywhere. Here we take a close look to help you choose.

For years, Sky Sports was the destination for live televised sport. But the arrival of BT Sport channels and BT's huge investment in sports programming has muddied the waters, leaving fans with a big decision to make.

Here we outline exactly what BT and Sky offer to help you get the sports package with the domestic and international fixtures you really want to see.

BT Sport and Sky Sports: What's the difference?

Both BT and Sky show a wide variety of sports — and a lot of football.

What's on BT Sport?

UEFA Champions League on BT Sport

Currently, BT Sport customers who are signed up to the full range of BT channels (BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN and Box Nation) can watch 42 live Premier League games per season. They also have exclusive live coverage of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Additionally, BT Sport also shows live games from the FA Cup, National League, SPFL, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Liga NOS and A-League.

Rugby fans can watch exclusive coverage of the Aviva Premiership Cup, as well as up to 80 live Premiership games per season, and the Anglo-Welsh Cup. BT Sport also shows live coverage of the Champions Cup and Challenge Cup.

BT Sport has exclusive rights to air cricket matches from Australia, including the Ashes — but only when it's hosted in Australia — and Big Bash League fixtures.

Other sports covered on BT Sport include NBA basketball, Major League Baseball, American college sports, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Redbull events such as the Flugtag and MotoGP.

BT Sport airs HD coverage of their sports as well; however, this costs extra per month.

The free-to-download BT Sport app means you can watch BT Sport channels wherever you are on your mobile device. It's compatible with most mobiles and tablets.

You can also watch BT Sport from the BT Sport Webplayer online in your web browser.

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What's on Sky Sports?

Watch F1 racing on Sky Sports

Sky Sports includes 10 dedicated sports channels, each featuring a different sport so you can watch as much — or as little — of whatever sport you like. Sky also offers HD channels that you can add to your package for an additional monthly charge.

Football on Sky Sports takes in 126 live Premier League games per season. Football fans can also watch matches from the English Football League — including the EFL Cup — the SPFL, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Eredivisie, Chinese Super League and every match featuring Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Republic of Ireland.

Sky Sports' line-up also includes coverage on the Ashes (for games held in England), the Rugby Champions Cup, RFU, Formula One, NASCAR, the ATP World Tour, the US PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, WWE and more.

Sky Sports can be viewed in standard definition, HD or even UHD/4K, depending upon your package and TV.

The Sky Go app for smartphones and tablets lets you watch all Sky Sports channels to which you've subscribed while you're on the move. If you're not a Sky subscriber, you can watch Sky Sports through the dedicated Sky Sports app.

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How can I get BT Sport?

The price and ease of watching BT channels depends largely on which broadband and TV provider you currently take services from.

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BT Sport for BT customers

BT Sport is included for free on the Max TV package, which is BT's top-tier bundle. Otherwise, BT customers can add BT Sport to their packages on a rolling monthly basis for a small fee.

If you're not on a BT TV plan but have BT broadband, you can still subscribe to BT Sport and watch it through the app or webplayer.

BT Sport for Sky customers

Sky TV customers can sign up for BT Sport. But how much they pay depends on if they take their broadband from Sky or BT. Contact your provider for more information.

BT Sport for Virgin Media customers

Virgin Media TV subscribers automatically get BT Sport if they're on the Full House or VIP bundles. Otherwise, you can add BT sport and Sky Sports to your package on a combined monthly add-on.

BT Sport and TalkTalk

BT Sport is available for all TalkTalk TV customers, including all BT Sport channels in standard definition.

How can I get Sky Sports?

Signing up for Sky Sports is easy, no matter who your provider is.

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Can I add Sky Sports to my TV package?

Yes, every major provider lets you add Sky Sports to your package. Regardless of who you're with, you'll be able to sign up for Sky Sports for an additional fee.

Sky Sports on NOW TV

If you don't have a TV provider or don't want to commit to a longer-term Sky Sports add-on, you can sign up for a Sky Sports TV pass through NOW TV.

With NOW TV, you can get a day, week or month pass to view Sky Sports, then cancel penalty-free. There's no contracts involved and no need to subscribe to anything.

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