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How can I watch the Ashes?

How can I watch the Ashes?

For cricket fans, the Ashes tournament is must-see TV. To watch them, you'll need to sign up for premium sports channels.

When it comes to cricket, it doesn't get much bigger than the Ashes.

Held once every two years between Australia and England, the Ashes tests are the highlight for many cricket fans. Here's how you can watch them.

What is the Ashes?

The Ashes cricket trophy

The Ashes is a long-running Test cricket series played between Australia and England. It was first held in 1882-83, and both teams are currently tied for trophy wins. The last Ashes was in 2015 and England won.

The term 'ashes' originated from a fake obituary published in a British newspaper after Australia beat England in 1882. The article said that "English cricket had died" and "the ashes taken to Australia".

When the 1882-83 series was hosted, England won two of the three Tests on the tour, so Australia gave a small urn to the captain of the English team. While this urn isn't the official trophy of the Ashes, it's become a symbol of the series and given it its name.

Traditionally, the current trophy-holder hosts the next Ashes; however, in more recent years, this has switched to a back-and-forth agreement between England and Australia.

Currently, England and Australia have both won 32 series, so unless this year results in a draw, it should be a particularly interesting tournament.

When is Ashes 2017-18?

There are five matches or tests scheduled for the Ashes 2017-18. They are:

  • 23-27 November 2017 in Brisbane
  • 2-6 December 2017 in Adelaide
  • 14-18 December 2017 in Perth
  • 26-30 December 2017 in Melbourne
  • 4-8 January 2018 in Sydney

How can I watch the Ashes?

Although Sky Sports used to be the place to watch the Ashes, things got a bit murky in 2015 when BT Sport won a bid for the exclusive right to air live coverage of the 2017-18 Ashes. Sky Sports maintains the rights to the 2019 Ashes held in England, however, so cricket fans will need access to both of these channels to get their fix.

How to get BT Sport

You can sign up for BT Sport with nearly every TV provider. If you don't currently have a TV package, however, you won't be able to watch BT Sport.

To learn more about getting BT Sport, check out our guide to BT Sport.

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How to get Sky Sports

If you've got a TV package with any provider, you'll be able to add Sky Sports to your subscription on a rolling monthly basis very easily.

Otherwise, you can sign up for a daily, weekly or monthly Sky Sports pass on NOW TV.

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