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Last night's episode of 'Game of Thrones' saw quite a departure from the story in the novels. [Spoiler alert!] Instead of staying home, as in the books, Sansa Stark got engaged to Ramsay Bolton.

Now the show's writers have explained why: they wanted her to play a bigger part in the series, and that meant diverting from the storyline in the novels.

game of thrones 5 Nikolaj Coster Waldau Lena Headey

"Sansa is a character we care about almost more than any other, and the Stark sisters have from the very beginning been two characters who have fascinated us the most," showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly.

"We really wanted Sansa to play a major part this season. If we were going to stay absolutely faithful to the book, it was going to be very hard to do that."

Writer/producer Bryan Cogman addED: "The seeds were planted early on in our minds. In the books, Sansa has very few chapters in the Vale once she's up there.

"That was not going to be an option for one of our lead characters.

"While this is a very bold departure, [we liked] the power of bringing a Stark back to Winterfell and having her reunite with Theon under these circumstances."

He continued: "You have this storyline with Ramsay. Do you have one of your leading ladies – who is an incredibly talented actor who we've followed for five years and viewers love and adore – do it?

"Or do you bring in a new character to do it? To me, the question answers itself: You use the character the audience is invested in."

Despite previous rumours that the show could run for ten seasons, the showrunners have said it's heading into the home stretch.

'Game of Thrones' airs on Monday mornings at 2am on Sky Atlantic, and is repeated on Monday evenings at 9pm.


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