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sky q voice search arnie sly

Sky Q has a natty new feature – voice search. Yes, that means Sky is joining the likes of the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV by letting you speak to your box in order to search for something to watch.

So how does it work? What do you need to do? And what else is new? Read on and find out.

1 It requires the Sky Q touch remote

sky q hands-on remote control

First things first – you'll have to use the Sky Q touch remote in order to search using your voice. That's because you need to hold down the microphone button on the side, and say your search query.

The standard remote doesn't have a microphone button, so can't access the feature.

Sky Q's touch remote has polarised viewers. While some claim that swiping your way around menus feels a lot more 21st century that pressing buttons, others claims it's over-sensitive and tricky to use. So the fact that only touch remote users can use voice search could alienate some customers.

2 You can quote a film to find it

sky q voice search punk

Sky has baked in a rather cool feature – the ability to quote a film rather than say its name in order to find it.

For example, "Say hello to my little friend" will bring up 'Scarface', while "I'll have what she's having" will present you with 'When Harry Met Sally'.

Only iconic film quotes will work, however. So if you try to show off your intimate cinematic knowledge by quoting a line from an Akira Kurosawa film, you'll look a fool.

To show off the feature, Sky enlisted the help of impressionist Terry Mynott to re-enact some famous film quotes.

3 You can search by genre, actor, director or star rating

sky q voice search comedy movies

Not sure what you want to watch? Give Sky Q some broad search terms and it'll find something worthwhile.

You can explore by genre ("comedy movies", for example), actor, director, or star rating. You can also combine these, so you could search for "Tom Hanks films rated five stars", or "action thrillers starring Mel Gibson".

It also works across TV series and sport. And again, you don't have to be that specific, so you can say "the Liverpool game" or "live cricket this weekend".

4 Voice control coming soon?

Neat as it is, this could just be the start of Sky's voice plans. Back in January, the firm let slip that full-on voice control was in the pipeline, which would mean you could do all manner of things just by speaking.

Sky hasn't detailed what they would be, but we would imagine changing channel, volume, and functions like pause, rewind and fast forward are on the horizon. We'll bring you more as it's announced.

5 Other new features

sky q my q homepage

Voice search came alongside another couple of features.

My Q is the new Sky Q homepage, and features recommendations based on your viewing habits. It also contains curated content from Sky. The Continue Watching feature lets you pick up where you left off.

Navigation has been simplified, now that the Recordings and TV Guide sections are just one swipe away from the My Q homepage. And you can watch Facebook videos and share Facebook memories on your telly using the My Photos app. Happy viewing!

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