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It’s been over a year since Game of Thrones left our screens, so jog your memory with this recap of season six.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei blew up Balor’s Sept in the finale last season, killing all of her enemies in King’s Landing, including Margaery Baratheon (nee Tyrell) and the High Sparrow, in one fell swoop. This ended up placing her on the Iron Throne as the reigning king — her last surviving child, Tommen — killed himself when he found out about Margaery’s fate. Her brother Jaime is sticking by her side for now, although we’ve seen doubts from him in the past when it comes to his sister. Remember: Jaime killed the Mad King after he threatened to burn down King’s Landing, and his sister has now done just that.

Daenerys Targaryen

After leaving Meereen on the back of her dragon, Daenerys overthrew the Dothraki khals and reclaimed her title of khaleesi. She led the Dothraki and her dragons back to Meereen to retake the city and reunite with Tyrion and Varys. She also formed an alliance with Dorne (the Sand Snakes, who overthrew the Martells and now rule Dorne), Highgarden (Olenna Tyrell, Queen of Thorns) and Theon and his sister Asha, and she’s now sailing to Westeros — finally.

Jon Snow

Since being resurrected from death by Melisandre, Jon Snow has left the Night’s Watch (his death freed him from his lifelong oath). He has now been crowned King in the North after rallying the last remaining loyal northerners to his side and defeating Ramsay Bolton’s army to overtake his ancestral home of Winterfell. But it was his half-sister Sansa who took down Ramsay in the end and was able to use her ties with Littlefinger to gather the Knights of the Vale under Jon’s command as well. We also learned the truth about his parentage in one of Bran’s flashbacks: Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s son. His parents are Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister) and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Dany’s older brother), which makes him a combination of ice and fire.

Everyone else

Arya has skipped out on her training to become a Faceless Man in Braavos and is now back in Westeros — something we found out when she murdered Walder Frey in revenge for killing her family in the Red Wedding.

The Hound is alive and is traveling North with the rogue Brotherhood Without Banners. Brienne and Pod are also traveling North to reunite with the Starks.

Sam and Gilly made it to the Citadel, where Sam hopes to find out how to deal with the biggest villains of all…

The White Walkers

One big thing we know about season seven is that the Stark’s motto is coming to pass, and winter is indeed coming. With it, the White Walkers and their massive army of the dead are marching south, following Bran and Meera after they were forced to leave their relative safe haven after the Night’s King was able to find them (RIP, Hodor).

Game of Thrones comes back to Sky Atlantic on 17 July. Watch the season seven trailer here.

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