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After a longer wait than usual, we’re only 25 days away from the premiere of Game of Thrones new series. To further whet our appetites, Sky Atlantic and HBO have uploaded one final trailer, which you can watch above.

Let’s break it down to lock in our final predictions for what’ll happen this series.

Sansa Stark will be a major player

Building off of the events of last series, it’s a safe prediction that Sansa’s going to continue stretching her wings and growing in influence. Both the beginning and end of the trailer focus on Sansa. Her voiceover about the pack surviving also implies that we may be in store for more Starks turning up in Winterfell this series. A good bet would be Bran since…

Bran’s going south of the Wall

One frame in the trailer shows two tiny figures approaching the Wall, one of whom looks to be being dragged. After Hodor’s death last season, poor Meera has been left on her own to drag Bran through the snow, so it’s a pretty safe guess that these two are the ones approaching the Wall. We also see another shot of Bran in a wheelchair, and aside from the fact that there’s no one north of the Wall to make something like this, it also looks suspiciously similar to Winterfell.

The Starks will gain new allies

We see Brienne and Pod returning to Winterfell, and there’s also a shot of the Hound and Beric Dondarrion (and his flaming sword) fighting in the north, so they’re likely siding with the Starks. In Jon’s voiceover, he’s talking about allying with someone who’s currently an enemy to the Starks — probably from a major Westeros family since he mentions ancestral battles against a common enemy. It could be the Lannisters since they’ve sided together in the past against a common enemy: the Targaryens. And speaking of Targaryens…

Dany and her dragons come to Westeros

This isn’t even a prediction, really. It’s clear in the trailer that Daenerys is finally in Westeros again — and at Dragonstone, her ancestral home. From this trailer, we can see that Tyrion is still by her side, too. We know she’s now also in alliance with Dorne, Highgarden (the Tyrells) and some of the Greyjoys, and we see her fleet in battle in this trailer. We also see her Dothraki horde battling against a Lannister shield, so it seems like she’s making moves for the Iron Throne fast now that she’s home again. Also in the trailer: Lots of things on fire, which means we’ll get to see some dragon action this series.

The board of players will be reset

Judging by all the battle shots south of the Wall, it seems like we’re in store for some major power shake-ups this series ahead of the big battle between the White Walkers and humanity. While there are a few shots of the White Walkers and their army of the undead, they all seem to be in the north still, meaning this battle will probably take place in series eight.

Game of Thrones returns on 17 July, exclusively on Sky Atlantic.

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