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Sky Q: 10 hidden features

Sky Q: 10 hidden features

With lots of 4K content and fluid viewing, Sky Q is the most futuristic way to watch TV. But it can do a whole lot more besides the headline features.

Here we'll run down some of the lesser advertised Sky Q features, some of which were only added last month.

Ready to take your viewing to the next level?

1 Voice control

Sky has improved its voice control feature, so you can do a lot more with voice commands alone.

It can now play shows (say "Play 'Game of Thrones'" and it'll do so, for example), and not just search for them.

You can also fast forward and rewind, pause, and start shows from the beginning. Plus you can use voice commands to access certain parts of the menu, as well as accessibility settings like audio descriptions and subtitles.

2 Search by film quote

sky q voice search arnie sly

But that's not all. You can also find a film just by saying a quote from it.

Try "Use the force, Luke," for example, and 'Star Wars' will appear in the menu. "A boy's best friend is his mother," brings up the Hitchcock classic 'Psycho', and "Yo, Adrian" surfaces 'Rocky'.

Others include "Say hello to my little friend," ('Scarface'), "Greed, for want of a better word, is good," ('Wall Street'), "I'll have what she's having," ('When Harry Met Sally'), "Show me the money," ('Jerry Maguire'), and "You can't handle the truth," ('A Few Good Men').

Try it next time you have people over. It's guaranteed to impress.

3 Picture-in-picture

sky q split-screen football highlights

You don't have to miss out on the footie action just because you want to check what happened in the first half.

Just fire up the picture-in-picture feature, and you can keep one eye on the game while you peruse the first half's highlights. Now that's multitasking.

4 Watch footie from the start

If you do miss a crucial goal, or turn on to see the first 15 minutes was a flurry of activity, you can start the match from the beginning.

All you have to do is tune into the Sky Sports Premier League channel and press the red button. This brings up the Sky Sports app. Select Watch From Start, and you'll be plonked back at the beginning of the game. Hey presto.

5 Jump to key moments

You can also just view select highlights of a match, if you want to skip straight to the good stuff. These will appear in the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

6 Better sound

sky soundbox review 4

Sky Q supports Dolby Atmos, which is a cinema-level tech that's found in high-level audio products. It bounces sound around you to make the whole experience more immersive.

To take advantage, you'll need a TV or speaker package that's compatible with Dolby Atmos. Supported content includes Premier League matches

Looking for another way to upgrade your Sky Q sound? Check out the Sky Soundbox.

7 Animated 4K scenes

If you have the Sky Q 2TB box (known as Sky Q Silver when it launched), you can enjoy animated 4K scenes from around the world on your TV. These include sunset beaches, bucolic meadows and raging waterfalls. 

To see them in the full glory of 4K, you'll need a 4K TV, of course.

To find them, head to the Ultra HD menu.

8 Record more at once

The 2TB box can also record six channels at once, while you watch a seventh. Which should spell an end to those festive squabbles over what to watch.

9 Favourites

There's a part of the menu dedicated to your favourite channels, so you can find them quickly and easily. It'll automatically fill it with the channels you watch most often, but you can dictate what goes there too.

10 4K menu

sky q 4k premier league

There's also a section dedicated to 4K content. Just head to the My Q section, and select the Ultra HD panel.

And there you go, everything you can watch in 4K is all in one place. Happy viewing!

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