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TV postcode checker

Enter your postcode to see what TV subscriptions are available in your area

Compare over 100 broadband deals with Uswitch

Uswitch TV postcode checker tool

Our TV postcode checker can help you find which digital TV packages are available in your area. Many of these might be bundled in with broadband deals, others might be only available in select areas, and others - like Sky or Virgin Media - might need specific access for equipment to be installed, based on what kind of property you live in.

  • Type in your postcode: Enter your postcode and address into the box on our Uswitch TV deals page to see what TV services are available in your area.

  • Select your address: Scroll through the dropdown list to find your address and door number.

  • Select your current provider: Since many of the best TV deals are only offered to new customers, we'll need to know who you're currently with in order to show you the best deals available.

  • Check availability: This will filter the deals table to only show which TV deals are currently available at your property.

The results page shows you TV packages from many of the UK's top providers and, depending on what's available in your area, you'll get a choice of different services, channels, and bundles that are available to you. You can then check the price against your current deal and decide if what you're paying is about right or too much.

Whether you want to upgrade to a more comprehensive TV package, adjust to a more flexible service, or just get a similar service for a cheaper price, you'll find a range of options with our TV postcode checker.

What are the best TV options in my area?

The best TV service in your area will depend mostly on what your connection options are at home, whether that be a satellite dish, a cable network, or high-speed broadband.

What qualifies as the best TV service depends on what you’re looking to watch, as different services will provide you with access to different channels, TV shows and movies.

With the introduction of streaming services, pay-TV options have had to evolve dramatically, offering options like interactive services, better on-demand options, box sets, and personalised content recommendations.

More comprehensive TV packages will often require more equipment, hardware, and set-up, and will almost always cost more in monthly fees. However, they are also typically bundled in with other services such as broadband, landline, and mobile services to make them more affordable.

There will be some variation in the availability of services across the UK, but with plenty of choices on the market, there should always be a TV deal in your area to suit you.

TV options

Sky postcode checker

Sky is undoubtedly the biggest name in digital TV, having been the first on the scene all the way back in 1990. For many years, Sky was the only source for TV beyond the standard terrestrial channels.

And even though a number of new pay-TV providers have since launched, Sky is still the biggest player on the market.

Can I get Sky in my area?

Sky is widely available across the UK. If you own your own house, you can easily get a satellite dish installed by Sky engineers. Problems only arise when you live in a rented property or a flat, which may not allow you to have a dish installed to the exterior of your home.

Many apartment buildings will have a communal satellite dish installed so that each flat can then have access to Sky TV services via their own individual set-top boxes.

If you do have some limitations when it comes to satellite TV, you can still enjoy the full Sky TV experience with Sky Glass. Sky Glass is a smart TV with built-in Sky services that you can access via your internet connection. You don't even need to subscribe to Sky broadband to access it.

And if you think a brand-new TV is a little too much, you can now also choose Sky Stream, which is much more compact. It's a small box that works like a streaming stick, where it plugs into your existing TV and gives you access to all of the Sky TV content you're subscribed to.

You can use our TV postcode above to see what services are available at your postcode. But if you’re only interested in Sky TV, you can see all the latest Sky TV deals here.

Take a look at our Sky TV postcode checker.

Can I get cable TV in my area?

One of the earliest alternatives to Sky TV was cable TV, originally delivered by NTL which then became Virgin Media.

Unlike Sky, you didn’t need to get a satellite dish installed in order to view cable TV channels. However, you did need to live in an area with access to the infrastructure.

Cable TV has come a long way since then, but the limitations remain the same in that cable TV is not as widely available across the UK as other services.

Currently, Virgin Media is available to just over 52% of UK homes, with plans to raise that number in the coming years.

Search for cable TV providers by postcode

Cable TV providers in the UK are pretty much limited to one: Virgin Media. And while BT TV and TalkTalk TV are often thought of as cable TV –– since their services are delivered through a cable –– they’re technically Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), as they’re delivered via internet cables.

You can search for cable TV providers by postcode with the TV postcode checker above. Alternatively, you can check out the latest Virgin Media broadband and TV deals directly.

Compare Virgin Media TV deals with Uswitch.

Where can I find more information about TV providers and their coverage?

You can see a wide range of TV deals at Uswitch from the following providers.

Compare deals from these providers and more

Compare TV, broadband and phone deals from the UK's top providers to find the right deal for you.

You can also see great broadband and TV deals in your areas from most providers if you’re looking to bundle your TV and broadband services into one simple subscription.