Scottishpower price changes

ScottishPower cuts prices 4.8% in 2015

ScottishPower announces price cut in January, will take effect 20 February 2015

The price drop affects only customers on ScottishPower's standard rate, dual fuel plans. These customers will see a cut of 4.8%, or roughly £33 per year.

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For more details on this supplier, including price history, customer satisfaction scores and where their average bill costs rank amongst the big six, view the ScottishPower page.

What uSwitch say about the price rise

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch, said of the news:

“Whilst it’s great to see another supplier cutting prices, single-digit price reductions fall short of the double-digit fall in wholesale energy prices.

“ScottishPower has also launched a new fixed-term dual fuel deal for £930 a year – over £230 cheaper than its reduced standard plan – so customers should shop around to check that they are on the best tariff.

“All eyes will now be firmly on EDF, npower and SSE to follow the lead of E.ON, British Gas and ScottishPower, and cut their standard prices to help hard-pressed consumers with energy bills this winter.”

What should I do about the price change?

You are only affecting by the price announcement if you are on ScottishPower's standard plan. If you do nothing, from 20 February 2015, you will see your rates reduced. These changes will add up to £33 over the course of the year.

Standard plans are usually suppliers' most expensive tariffs. Therefore, if you are looking to save on your energy bill, you should do an energy comparison against all plans and suppliers to find the cheapest deal for you.

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