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SIM Only 300 Micro-SIM
SIM Only 300 Micro-SIM Three 1 month 300 minutes 3000 texts 1GB data £12.00 a month See deal
Three Store

0808 163 7341

The One Plan Micro-SIM
The One Plan Micro-SIM Three 1 month 2000 minutes 5000 texts unlimited data £25.00 a month See deal
Three Store

0808 163 7341

SIM Only 300 + All-you-can-eat Data Micro-SIM
SIM Only 300 + All-you-can-eat Data Micro-SIM Three 1 month 300 minutes 3000 texts unlimited data £15.00 a month See deal
Three Store

0808 163 7341

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iPhone SIM only deals

iPhone SIM only deals are a fantastic way of cutting your monthly outlay on calls, text messages and mobile internet. What’s more, the availability of the iPhone on a number of networks means that great new deals are arriving all the time that are tailor-made for owners of Apple phones who are out of contract.

Why choose an iPhone SIM only offer?

Standard iPhone contract price points and tariffs factor in the cost of the handset as well as day to day use of the phone and this is reflected in their cost. However, iPhone SIM only deals only include calls, text messages and web usage, making them considerably cheaper.

Unlike SIM only deals for other mobile phones, iPhone SIM only deals are tailored to meet the needs of iPhone users, who typically will want to use their phone to download applications and make extensive use of mobile internet access while they’re on the go. As a result, iPhone SIM only offers include generous download limits to give people peace of mind that they'll be able to get online whenever they need to and won't be at risk of incurring excess charges.

Who can sign up for an iPhone SIM only deal?

In order to take advantage of an iPhone SIM only deal, you’ll need to be out of contract with your provider and have an unlocked phone. If your iPhone is tied to a particular provider, you can get it unlocked by calling your network or dropping into a branch of their retail network. A fee of around £20 is usually applies.

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Which providers offer SIM only iPhone contracts?

The arrival of iPhone SIM only deals was facilitated when the iPhone itself became available across UK networks, having previously been solely on sale on the O2 network.

UK phone networks that offer SIM only deals designed for the iPhone market, include O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

O2 iPhone SIM only deals

As with O2 SIM only deals, this carrier’s SIM only iPhone deals are branded ‘Simplicity’. They stand out for offering a fantastic selection of allowance options and plenty of monthly interent usage.

Vodafone iPhone SIM only deals

Vodafone’s SIM only deals may not be marketed as iPhone SIM only deals but they’ve very clearly been designed with their needs in mind. This means that along with plenty of texts and calls, you get generous download limits for really making the most of your iPhone.

Better still this is available on a short-term 12-month contract, giving customers plenty of opportunity to change to another tariff should an even more attractive SIM only deal appear in the meantime.

3 iPhone SIM only deals

3 SIM only iPhone deals team great coverage and connection speeds with ample mobile internet allowance. You'll also get oodles of texts and call minutes.

Orange iPhone SIM only deals

Orange is consistently rated the best UK network for 3G coverage, which makes it an especially wise choice for iPhone users who use their phone’s mobile internet capabilities extensively. Orange does not specifically label any of its SIM only as deals as being for iPhone owners. However, many of its SIM only deals are ideal for this group.


Unlimited internet and rolling contracts on T-Mobile SIM only plans make them a great option for iPhone owners.

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