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Travel tops New Year resolution poll

50% of Brits have set their 2014 goal to take a dream holiday or go travelling, according to new survey

Taking a dream holiday has topped Britain's goals for 2014 but financial worries remain a barrier

Taking a dream holiday has topped Britain’s goals for 2014 but financial worries remain a barrier

Travelling or taking a dream holiday has topped Britain’s goals for 2014, according to a new poll from Experian CreditExpert.

Half of respondents would prefer to travel in the new year, which was an option preferred over personal finance aspirations, such as reducing debts (35%).

The UK credit reference agency also found that home improvements came close behind in Britons’ goals for the new year with a 46% share of the votes.

Just over a third want to buy a new car and 28% hope to be able to buy a house this year, with 9% set to start a business and 6% planning to get married.

Making travel dreams come true

Respondents were also asked about their views on their current financial circumstances, with only a third saying that they feel confident about their situation.

Meanwhile, 41% were unsure, saying they felt neither positive or negative, while the remaining 26% said they did not feel positive about their financial situation heading into the new year.

Financial concerns were highlighted as the primary barrier that could hinder people achieving their dreams in 2014, with over half of respondents citing money and costs as the main barriers to fulfilling their New Year dreams.

Financial barriers

Of those who feel that financing their dreams is the primary barrier in achieving them, the most notable concerns are the overall cost of living (60%) along with a lack of savings (55%).

Having a poor credit history (9%) and an inability to borrow money (9%) were also highlighted.

Peter Turner, managing director of Experian Consumer Services said that goals and ambitions required “proper planning and support” in order to turn them into a reality.

“If you do find that your financial situation or credit history is getting in the way of achieving your 2014 dream, the most important thing is to deal with it as soon as possible,” he said.

“You need to understand your finances in order to take control of them.”

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