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How do I make a travel insurance claim?

How do I make a travel insurance claim?

Nothing can adequately compensate for a journey that doesn't go according to plan, but making a travel insurance claim can go some way recovering the cost of holiday disasters and emergency situations.

Useful things to remember before you set off include:

  1. Take a copy of your insurance documents with you.
  2. Keep copies of the receipts for valuable items that you may be taking with you.
These FAQs can help you work out what to do when things go wrong and you need to do to make an insurance claim.

When do I need to contact my insurer?

If you need to claim for medical services and treatment you will need to contact your insurer immediately to get authorisation for the treatment.

It is important to contact your insurer as soon as you can, as some insurers insist that you let them know about your intention to claim within a time limit. Many travel insurers have an international helpline.

What will the insurer do first?

The insurer will send you a claim form which you will need to fill in and send back.

What do I need to send the insurer?

The insurer will usually need to see receipts for lost or damaged items and your claim form.

The insurer may also want to see a police report. In the event of a flight being cancelled you may need written confirmation from the airline.

What can I claim for?

You need to check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy to be aware of what you’re covered for. If you've taken expensive items with you then you should try to keep a copy of the receipt with you.

Do I need to inform the police?

If you lose an item, or if something is stolen many insurers insist that you get a police report within 24 hours of the incident.

How much can I claim?

You need to check your travel insurance policy for the details of how much you can claim. Every policy is different and there may be an upper limit on how much you can claim. There is often an upper limit for individual items.

What do I need to remember?

Make sure you keep a copy of your claim form once you've filled it in. You should also keep copies of the relevant receipts. This is particularly important if you're still travelling, as you might need the originals to continue travelling.

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