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TalkTalk broadband price increases 2024 - what can you do?

Find out all about TalkTalk's April 2024 price increase, including how much it is, and what you can do if you're affected by it.
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talktalk price increases - man checking bills

TalkTalk hiked its broadband prices by 7.7% for millions of customers from the 1st April 2024. Depending on the amount you pay for your TalkTalk service per month, that could mean an increase of £2-£4 per month or £24-£48 per year.

TalkTalk includes in its terms & conditions that it will increase its prices by the CPI rate, plus its own additional rate of 3.7%. That means the total price rise this year was 7.7%.

Find out whether you were affected by TalkTalk’s price rises and what you can do if your bills increased in April. Also, learn more about an even larger price increase you could be due if your contract is coming to an end.

TalkTalk price increase in 2024

TalkTalk raised its prices for most of its customers, including those currently in a contract, from April 2024.

This increase is milder than the 14.2% hike from 2023, but still high compared to past years.

The UK's broadband regulator, Ofcom, announced in December 2023 its proposal to ban inflation-based price hikes. We likely won't see any change in time for 2024's inflation-linked increases, but it does potentially spell the end of this practice in the short-term future.

For a more detailed look into how TalkTalk’s annual price rises work, here’s everything you need to know about its 2024 price change.

How much is the TalkTalk price increase?

The latest TalkTalk price increase will mean customers who are currently using a TalkTalk broadband service will have seen their monthly bills jump by at least £2 a month from their April 2024 bill and onwards. But you could see your bills go up by as much as £4 per month if you’re on a more expensive plan.

Here’s a rough idea of the relative price increases for each of TalkTalk’s broadband deals:

TalkTalk broadband dealCurrent monthly priceNew monthly price (+7.7%)
TalkTalk Fibre 35 and Phone Line£28£30.21
TalkTalk Fibre 65 and Phone Line£29£31.29
TalkTalk Unlimited Full Fibre 150£35£37.77
TalkTalk Unlimited Full Fibre 500£39£42.08
TalkTalk Unlimited Full Fibre 900£49£52.87

Prices correct as of 16/01/2024

If you’re subscribed to a home phone service or TalkTalk TV add-on, the price of that service won't increase this year. These price hikes will only affect broadband bills.

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Am I affected by TalkTalk's price increase?

TalkTalk prices will increase for almost all of its customers each year in line with the UK rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.7%.

This is similar to the approach taken by a number of broadband providers. Plusnet, EE, BT and Vodafone announced their annual prices will now reflect an extra 3.9% on top of inflation.

As these are annual set price hikes, they are written into TalkTalk's terms and conditions. This means that you unfortunately would have agreed to this policy when you signed up to the provider. And it also means you won't be able to use the jump in fees as a reason to cancel your contract without paying a penalty fee.

A small number of customers aren't affected by TalkTalk's price increase. But these are mainly vulnerable customers, or those who are on one of TalkTalk's broadband social tariffs.

Learn more about mid-contract broadband price increases with our guide.

What can TalkTalk customers do?

As these annual price increases are included in your contract terms and conditions, you won’t be able to switch to another provider for free unless your contract has already finished.

Note: when switching broadband, these new included annual price hikes will need to be made clear to you when you’re purchasing the product and not simply buried in your new contract's T&Cs. So keep a keen eye out for any annual price hikes when you’re changing providers.

If you’re already out of contract with TalkTalk, it's important to compare broadband, phone and TV deals from other providers. There may be better services or cheaper monthly rates that you could take advantage of with just 30 days’ notice.

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To learn more about how you can start the switching process, read our guide on how to switch broadband providers.

How are customers notified of the TalkTalk price increase?

The 7.7% rate for 2024 was confirmed when the December CPI rate of inflation of 4% was announced in January 2024. Since it’s an annual hike that’s included in TalkTalk’s T&Cs, customers aren't often specifically notified by the provider about this hike in their bills.

In addition to its T&Cs, this TalkTalk page details how the annual price increase is calculated.

End of contract price increase

However, TalkTalk and all other broadband providers are required to notify you when your current fixed-term contract is coming to an end. You should have received a notification around 30 days before your fixed plan ends, after which your monthly bill could increase significantly higher than even its annual pricing update.

The good news is, though, once you receive this notification you are eligible to re-contract or switch to a better deal for you straight away, and with no exit fees.

Your new contract price must be detailed in your end of contract notification, along with information about other similar products TalkTalk offers. But it’s always worth comparing broadband deals from other providers to see if you could get a better value plan for your needs.

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Contacting TalkTalk

If you still have questions or concerns about the additional charges or anything else to do with your TalkTalk contract, there are a number of ways to get in touch with TalkTalk directly:

  • Phone: TalkTalk’s customer care line can be reached at 034 5172 0088.

  • Live chat: If you’re unable to resolve your query online at, you can contact the TalkTalk support team using its online chat, which is open seven days a week.

  • TalkTalk Community is a forum for TalkTalk customers to ask questions and seek out advice from both professionals and other customers.

  • Twitter: The @TalkTalk Twitter account is active most days until 10pm.

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