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TalkTalk price increases - what can you do?

TalkTalk price increases - what can you do?

TalkTalk will be increasing the price of two of its broadband deals – TalkTalk Fibre 35 and Fibre 65. These specific price increases are in addition to those that are laid out in the provider’s terms and conditions. This means you may be able to break your contract and switch to a new broadband provider penalty-free.

How much is the TalkTalk price increase?

The latest TalkTalk price increase will mean customers who subscribe to Fibre 35 and Fibre 65 will see their monthly bills jump by £2.50 a month (£30 a year) as of 1 July 2021.

This follows a previous bout of price increases that came into effect earlier this year. TalkTalk customers across the board saw a £2 price increase on all TalkTalk broadband packages from 1 April 2021. This was capped at £3 for customers with add-ons, such as calling features.

A TalkTalk spokesperson said at the time:

“Over this extraordinary last year, we’ve seen broadband usage soar by 40% and we’ve had to invest heavily in our network as a result. Unfortunately, this has meant that, alongside other ISPs such as BT, Virgin and Sky, we have had to raise our prices. We are as committed as ever to being the country’s only scale value broadband provider.”

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Annual TalkTalk price increase

TalkTalk prices will increase for customers each year in line with the UK rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.7%. This is similar to the approach taken by a number of BT-owned providers. Plusnet, EE and BT announced their annual prices will now reflect an extra 3.9% on top of inflation.

As these are predicted and planned-for price hikes, they will be written into TalkTalk's terms and conditions. While this means you won't be taken by surprise by upcoming price changes, you also won't be able to use the jump in fees as a reason to cancel your contract and switch to a new, more affordable provider.

How customers will receive a notification of the TalkTalk price increase

TalkTalk began contacting customers on 1 June to give them 30 days notice of the upcoming price increase. During that time, customers could leave TalkTalk penalty-free if it meant they’d be paying a higher monthly rate than they could find from another provider.

In contrast, the annual TalkTalk price increases are detailed in your contract T&Cs. This means you may not receive a written notification of the price increase that takes place the following April.

However, TalkTalk and all other broadband providers are required to notify you when your current contract is coming to an end. You should receive an end-of-contract notification 30 days before your contract converts to a rolling monthly contract, which could see your monthly rates dramatically increasing.

Your new contract price must be detailed in your end of contract notification, along with information about other similar products. If you then decide the TalkTalk price increase is higher than you're willing to pay, you'll be free to switch to a new broadband deal from a new provider.

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The end of "no mid contract price rises"

One of TalkTalk’s most prominent advertising slogans is “no mid contract price rises”, a phrase that might need to be retired, given the latest developments. When first announced, mentions of "no mid contract price rises" and "fixed prices" were removed from a number of TalkTalk's package descriptions.

MoneySavingExpert recently reported that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is formally investigating some of the provider’s TV and email ads, which reference fixed prices. However, no more detail was given.

In these cases, it’s always important to check the fine print of your contract to find out if your prices really are fixed or if there will be some increase throughout the length of it.

What can TalkTalk customers do?

Once TalkTalk has communicated the price increase to you, you will have 30 days to cancel your contract penalty-free. However, this is only the case with the April 2021 price hikes, as the annual price increases will be included in your new contract terms and conditions.

Note: When switching broadband, these new included annual price hikes will need to be made clear to you during the sales journey and not simply buried in your new contract's T&Cs.

If you’re already out of contract with TalkTalk, you might want to look at broadband, phone and TV deals from other providers. There may be more comprehensive services or cheaper monthly rates you could take advantage of.

To learn more about how you can start the switching process, read our guide on how to switch broadband providers.

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Contacting TalkTalk

If you still have questions or concerns about the additional charges, or anything else to do with your TalkTalk contract, there are a number of ways to get in touch with TalkTalk directly:

  • Phone: TalkTalk’s customer care line can be reached at 034 5172 0088.
  • Live chat: If you’re unable to resolve your query online at talktalk.co.uk/help, you can contact the TalkTalk support team using its online chat, which is open seven days a week.
  • TalkTalk Community is a forum for TalkTalk customers to ask questions and seek out advice from both professionals and other customers.
  • Twitter: The @TalkTalk Twitter account is active most days until 10pm.

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