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TalkTalk price increases - what can you do?

TalkTalk price increases - what can you do?

Price increases from broadband and phone line providers are, unfortunately, fairly frequent. Most providers will only increase their prices once a year in line with inflation, but there are occasions when a provider will increase the prices of specific services at certain points in the year.

TalkTalk has recently announced that there will be price increases coming to some of its services, mostly involving TalkTalk’s paid boost and add-on services.

These kinds of optional services are not protected by the provider’s fixed price promise, which guarantees the following:

  • No mid-contract broadband price rises on TalkTalk plans
  • All TalkTalk plans are totally unlimited, always
  • 30-day guarantee on fibre – if you’re not happy with your new fibre plan, you’re free to leave within the first 30 days

Which customers will be affected by the TalkTalk price increase?

As these price increases mainly involve optional add-on services, the majority of TalkTalk customers will not be affected. However, there will be an increase in the cost of calls outside of your inclusive minutes (more details below).

TalkTalk price increases in October 2020

As of the 1st of October, TalkTalk will be increasing the prices of its call and boost plans. In most cases, TalkTalk will communicate the upcoming price increases to customers at least 30 days in advance.

Increase in TalkTalk call prices

From 1st October, all chargeable UK landline calls will see a price increase of 2p per minute, going up from 16p to 18p per minute. These are call charges outside of any inclusive minutes and allowances, so keep an eye on the clock if you’re chatting for hours on the phone. This will impact all TalkTalk customers so you should receive a letter or email from them 30 days in advance.

Price increase for the TalkTalk International Max Boost

The TalkTalk International Max Boost gives customers 1000 minutes of calls a month to overseas landlines and mobiles. These inclusive minutes must be made from your TalkTalk landline to landlines and mobiles within the 55 inclusive countries listed in TalkTalk’s T&Cs.

The TalkTalk International Max Boost will increase by £2 a month, going up from £10 a month to £12 a month.

Increase in the price of TalkTalk TV Boosts

TalkTalk TV allows you to add-on a selection of channels to suit your viewing preferences on a rolling monthly basis. The cost of each TalkTalk TV Boost is different depending on the number and type of channels included, ranging from £7 a month up to £29.99 a month.

As of 1st October, the following TalkTalk TV Boosts will increase by £2 a month:

  • Entertainment Boost
  • TV Select Boost
  • Sky Sports Boost
  • Sky Cinema Boost
  • TV Starter Boost
  • Sky Sports and Cinema Boosts (combined boost)

Annual TalkTalk price increase

Most broadband and phone providers will increase their prices at least once a year in line with inflation. Typically, these annual price increases are included in the T&Cs of your contract, and as such are within your provider’s rights to do so.

However, TalkTalk guarantees no mid-contract broadband price increases, meaning that the price you sign up for is the price you pay throughout the length of your contract. TalkTalk’s annual price increase only affects out of contract broadband customers, which, as of October 2019, the ISP has capped at the annual rate of inflation.

This is significantly less than the out-of-contract price increase you will experience with many other providers, as monthly prices have been known to jump by as much as 61% when out of contract.

What can TalkTalk customers do?

TalkTalk is one of the best providers for transparency, communicating directly with customers to inform them of when they’re coming to the end of their contracts, and of any upcoming price increases.

If you find out that your TalkTalk services are going to become more expensive in October there are a few options to consider.

Since the biggest price increases will be for call boost and TV boost packages, if you’re not happy, the simplest option would be to cancel these add-on services if they’re too expensive. Since both call and TV boosts are a rolling 1-month commitment, you aren’t locked in for a long period and there won’t be any cancellation charges.

Once you’ve cancelled your Boost(s), you will see a refund amount on your next bill for the time between when the Boost was removed and the end of that billing month. If you’re within the one month commitment period, you’ll receive a partial month charge for when the service was active and a commitment breakage fee for the remainder of the one month term.

If you’re already out of contract with TalkTalk you might want to look at broadband, phone and TV deals from other providers. There may be more comprehensive services or cheaper monthly rates you could take advantage of.

To learn more about how you can start the switching process, read our guide on how to switch broadband providers.

Contacting TalkTalk

If you still have questions or concerns about the additional charges –– or anything to do with your TalkTalk contract –– then there are a number of ways to get in touch with TalkTalk directly:

Phone: TalkTalk’s customer care line can be reached at 0345 172 0088. Live chat: If you’re unable to resolve your query online at talktalk.co.uk/help, you can contact the TalkTalk support team in their online chat, which is open seven days a week. TalkTalk Community is a forum for TalkTalk customers to ask questions and seek out advice from both professionals and other customers. Twitter: The @TalkTalk Twitter account is active most days until 10pm.

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