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Plusnet price increase announced — What can consumers do?

Plusnet price increase announced — What can consumers do?

The recently announced Plusnet price increase will mean hundreds of thousands of Plusnet broadband and phone line customers will see their monthly bills increase in October.

This is the official Plusnet Statement: “You’ll see the price changes appear on your first bill from 7th October 2020. Unless your bill date happens to be the 7th each month, your first bill after 7th October may look a little different for one month, as it will include an additional pro-rata charge to cover the increase in price between 7th October and your bill date.

“If you’re not happy with any of these changes and decide to leave us, you won’t have to pay an early termination charge.

“You’ll need to give 14 days’ notice and you’ll continue to pay for your broadband and line rental during the notice period. If you need to call us, you can do so on 0800 587 1960.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that mean you could avoid getting hit with any price hikes from your current broadband provider.

Which customers will be affected by the Plusnet price increase?

From 7th October 2020, monthly broadband and phone line rental fees will increase by 1.5%, which will impact Plusnet customers differently depending on their broadband and phone subscription. For example, a customer paying £10.99 a month for Plusnet broadband will see this increase to £11.15 a month from October 2020. Likewise, if your phone line rental was currently £19.99 a month, it will increase to £20.29 a month, while an annual pre-paid Line Rental Saver (LRS) package will go up to £213.03 from £209.88.

This will be the second time in a year that Plusnet has increased its prices, as thousands of customers saw a similar price hike in their broadband, line rental and call costs in December 2019.

The good news is that this price increase will only affect those customers who are currently out of their Plusnet contract. If you’re still in your initial fixed-term contract with Plusnet in October then you won’t see any price increase.

However, if you are affected by the Plusnet price increase because you’re out-of-contract, that also means that you’re free to switch to a new provider without paying any kind of cancellation fee.

A Plusnet spokesperson said: "Like many other providers, we are changing our prices in line with the Consumer Price Index this year, meaning customers will see their broadband and line rental monthly price increase by an average of 40p per month.

"We are currently letting our out-of-contract customers know about this change, taking effect from 7 October 2020. We will also be contacting our fixed-price contract customers as part of their end-of-contract account review."

Annual Plusnet price increase

The 1.5% Plusnet price increase is linked to April's Consumer Price Index inflation rate. Most broadband providers will raise their prices each year in line with inflation, with many doing so soon after April figures are announced.

For many providers, this annual price increase is included within the terms and conditions of your contract, allowing some providers the right to increase your monthly broadband and landline fees during your fixed-term contract without violating any terms.

This is something that is important to remember, especially when switching to providers that offer longer-term contracts of 18- or 24- months. If you experience an annual price increase in line with inflation, you won’t have the right to cancel your contract penalty-free.

What can Plusnet customers do?

Plusnet has stated that it’s in the process of contacting its out-of-contract customers by letter and email to inform them of the upcoming price increase. If the October Plusnet price increase doesn’t affect you, you’ll still be contacted by the provider as part of your end-of-contract account review, whereby broadband and mobile providers are now required to inform you of your contract ending and any price increases that are due to occur.

If you’re out-of-contract and affected by the price increase, you’re free to compare and switch to a new broadband provider. And since most providers save their best deals for new customers, you will almost certainly get the best deal when signing up with a new provider.

If you’re contacted by Plusnet as part of your end-of-contract account review, you will have 14 days to contact Plusnet directly if you wish to cancel your contract and leave penalty-free. However, if you’re planning to switch to a new provider, the majority of them will arrange the cancellation of your old contract as part of their sign up service, so you won’t’ have to do a thing.

However, if you’d feel more comfortable staying with Plusnet, it might be worth contacting the provider to see if you can negotiate a better deal. Before you do this, make sure to compare what’s on offer from other providers beforehand, and if Plusnet can’t beat that offer then you’re still free to switch.

Contacting Plusnet

Whether you’re looking to cancel and switch to a new provider, or if you just wanted to talk to someone at Plusnet, there are several ways you can get in touch.

  • Phone: Plusnet’s customer service contact number is 0800 587 1960. You can also dial 500 from your Plusnet Mobile. Calls to this number are free of charge.
  • Online chat: You can reach the Plusnet customer service team on their live chat function. You will be asked a series of questions before you sign on in order to direct you to the right department for your enquiry.
  • Twitter: If the online chat function is not available you can contact Plusnet via Twitter on @plusnethelp which is available from 8am to 8pm Monday through to Sunday.

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