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Plusnet price increase announced — What can consumers do?

Plusnet price increase announced — What can consumers do?

The recently announced Plusnet price increase will mean hundreds of thousands of Plusnet broadband and phone line customers will see their monthly bills increase in October, with steeper price increases coming to new customers next year.

As part of the BT Group, the Plusnet price increase will reflect the changes made by other brands within the group, including EE and of course BT itself. The price increases will be implemented from October 2020 and will see additional charges added to the industry-standard, inflation-based increase.

Plusnet's official statement said the following:

"We believe these changes will set a standard across the industry for a fairer, more open and predictable approach to price rises. While we recognise that no one likes to see their prices go up, we want to continue to improve our network, products and services for our customers, simplify our packages, and offer greater support and flexibility to those who need it the most. That’s why we’re making some changes to better reflect our fairness commitments, and bring all our product lines and brands in line with a single annual increase, of a known and predictable amount. This is far clearer for our customers, and moves away from the unpredictable changes that customers can face today."

Annual Plusnet price increase

Plusnet customers with contracts taken out from 7th October 2020 will see a price increase each year in line with the CPI rate of inflation plus 3.9%. This matches the price increase of parent company BT and other subsidiaries like EE Broadband.

While many other broadband providers have moved towards this model of aligning their price increase with inflation, at the moment only BT Group providers are adding the addition 3.9% to all services for all new customers.

The Plusnet price rise will take effect on or after 1st June 2021, and then on or after 1st March every year from March 2022.

Which customers will be affected by the Plusnet price increase?

New and existing customers who take out a new contract with Plusnet will see price increases for broadband, line rental, call plans and call charges. For Plusnet mobile customers, this price increase will only apply to plan prices from 7th October 2020.

Fixed price contract customers whose minimum term contract expires on or after 2nd December 2020 will also be impacted by the increase.

If you're still in-contract with Plusnet you won't be affected by this price increase until the end of your initial contract period, after which your monthly prices are likely to increase drastically anyway. At which point it's always a good idea to compare broadband deals and see if it makes more sense to switch to a new provider and save.

What can Plusnet customers do?

If you're coming to the end of your contract with Plusnet then you're likely to face steep price hikes if you don't re-contract, and these smaller incremental price increases if you do re-contract. Either way it's definitely worth checking out other available broadband deals to see if it's better to switch and save money.

Contacting Plusnet

Whether you’re looking to cancel and switch to a new provider, or if you just wanted to talk to someone at Plusnet, there are several ways you can get in touch.

  • Phone: Plusnet’s customer service contact number is 0800 587 1960. You can also dial 500 from your Plusnet Mobile. Calls to this number are free of charge.
  • Online chat: You can reach the Plusnet customer service team on their live chat function. You will be asked a series of questions before you sign on in order to direct you to the right department for your enquiry.
  • Twitter: If the online chat function is not available you can contact Plusnet via Twitter on @plusnethelp which is available from 8am to 8pm Monday through to Sunday.

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