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Car insurance for students taking their car to university

Find out how to save on student car insurance if you plan to take your car with you to university.

Just under 50% of university students have a driving licence, but only 33% of student car owners take their car with them to university. If you take your car to university you might find you become very popular with your carless companions!

If you do decide to take your car with you there are many ways you can save on your car insurance.

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How to insure your car if you are taking it with you to university

If you take your car to university with you it will be there for around 40 weeks of the year during term time. As this is the majority of the year, insurers will consider this as your main address, so be sure to list your student accommodation on your policy.

Your address will make a difference to the price of your policy – as university accommodation is often in a city or an area with a higher than average crime rate, you may face a higher premium. If possible, arrange to keep your car in a garage or a secure car park rather than on the road, as part of your premium is based on the likelihood of a break-in or theft.

Low cost car insurance for students with low mileage

If you choose to take your car with you when you move away to university rather than leaving it at home, you might not drive it daily. Most student accommodation is based on or close to the university campus, so you might find you won’t need to drive to your daily lectures. If you’re just using your car for shopping trips and the odd trip home, it’s likely your mileage will be far less than the national average of 8,000 per year.

This could work to your benefit – you are considered to be less likely to have an accident if you drive less, so your premium could be lower. It’s worth taking the time to calculate your likely annual mileage so you can enter this number on your application and potentially save hundreds.

Remember, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to insurance. Don’t lie about how much you’re driving in an attempt to reduce the cost of your car insurance – if you need to make a claim and the insurer notices that your annual mileage is much higher than stated, your insurance will be invalidated and they will not pay out.

Other ways to save on student car insurance

Whether or not you decide to bring your car with you when you move away to study, there are many ways to save on student car insurance – from choosing the right car to adding a named driver to your policy. Take a look at our guide to saving money on student car insurance, or get started by comparing car insurance policies below.

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