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Compare black box car insurance

Some insurers offer you a discount by fitting a special device, known as telematics but sometimes called a black box into your car. It can track your driving and feed back data to show how well you drive.

As the black box gives information personal to you, it can help an insurer decide how safe you are when you are behind the wheel. Telematics car insurance is popular among young drivers who would otherwise have to pay very high premiums.

What is black box insurance?

Black box insurance policies are powered by technology that measures everything from acceleration to cornering, so your insurer can get a comprehensive impression of your driving habits and charge you accordingly.

Typically, drivers are charged a fixed premium with a certain number of miles allowed per year, however some black box and telematics insurance policies work by refunding drivers for good behaviour and increasing the premium for poor driving score.

Some telematics insurers work more like mobile phone contracts, so you top up in bundles of miles depending on how much you're driving (which is why it's sometimes called ‘pay as you go insurance').

How does a black box car insurance policy work?

A black box is simply a device fitted to your vehicle that can measure how well and safely you drive. It is particularly helpful if you are a young driver, because insurance companies tend to charge much higher premiums for first time and young motorists.

If you can prove, via the black box telematics, that you drive well, this could be reflected in a lower insurance premium.

The black box tracks how and where you drive using GPS – similar to your location app on your mobile phone.

It can provide your insurer with data on where you are, how fast you are accelerating and driving, whether you brake gently or not, and your general driving style.

If you are a careful driver, telematics car insurance can count in your favour. Your insurance quote will be based on your own driving, and not on the general risk of someone with your age and risk profile. So you can be rewarded for being a safer than average driver.

What does a black box do?

The black box is installed in your car and links to a satellite to measure your usage, allowing you to check your own driving online.

The black box tracks and measures the following:

  • If you brake sharply
  • Whether corners are being taken gently
  • Occasions of sudden veering
  • If speed is within the limits
  • Time at which the car is being driven
  • The amount of miles driven.

Different types of black box car insurance

Black box car insurance usually involves a small device, about the size of a deck of cards, installed in your car.

Other types of telematics policies can use an app on your smartphone or a device that plugs into your car’s charger port or cigarette lighter.Black box policies also vary in what they measure - some are purely mileage based while others are based on behaviour.

Should I get a black box policy?

If you are a young motorist and you have been given very high quotes for your insurance, then a black box policy may cut the cost of your cover.

It is particularly helpful for new drivers, especially those who have just passed their test. Insurers have no track record on which to base your insurance, and so without a black box you may be charged the highest level of insurance, based on your age and inexperience.

Black box insurance is great for careful drivers who are frustrated by the high cost of car insurance.

You can find out more in our black box insurance FAQs

What are the benefits?

You could get cheaper insurance with a telematics device fitted to your car.

If you're a young driver and get penalised with high premiums, despite being a sensible driver, car insurance with a black box could help.

The best black box insurance counts the miles you've driven, so you only pay for what you use.

It can help locate your car if it is stolen and can alert your insurer if you have a strong impact. If that happens, your insurer will call to check you are OK, or call out the emergency services.

If you consistently drive well, you could be rewarded by vouchers or money off your insurance when you renew.

Are there any drawbacks to black box insurance?

In order to reduce the risk of you having an accident and claiming on your policy, your insurer may place some restrictions on where and when you drive.

This might mean you cannot drive late at night, for example, or if you do, that will be factored into your insurance quote and might make it higher.

Some people don’t like the idea that their insurance company is monitoring them and knows where they are and how long they stop for.

However, the telematics device will not affect your car’s performance.

Some insurers can fine you or increase your premium if you’ve demonstrated bad driving behaviours so you need to be careful how you drive at all times.

Read our guide to dispel the myths about black box insurance.

Steps to getting car insurance with a black box

When you apply for telematics car insurance, you will need to enter your details, get a quote, and go ahead with purchasing the policy.

Then your new insurer will contact you to sort out the fitting of your black box.

If it is being fitted into your car, rather than an app or a plug in, you will need to take your car to a professional fitter a couple of weeks before your policy starts.

Fitting is quick, about one hour in total, and you will need to show your driving licence and the V5C registration certificate that proves you are the owner of the car.

What happens once I get a black box policy?

Once you get a policy and you have your telematics device fitted, you are covered to drive.

Some telematics providers offer fixed premiums. Others will regularly review your driving behaviours and could offer you a refund on your premium if you’ve proved you’re driving safely.

The bottom line is that the more safely you drive, the bigger the benefit you will see when it comes to renewal time.

Alternatives ways to get cheap car insurance

If you are a young or new driver and you are finding it hard to find cheaper car insurance, you could use our broker journey to search for the best cover.

You can also consider driving a car with a less powerful engine or one that has a lower value, in order to cut your costs.

Alternative you could consider pay as you go insurance.

Normally, drivers are charged a set amount per year and allowed to drive a certain number of miles before being charged extra. Pay as you go insurers allow you to top up in bundles of miles which you can roll over to the following year if unused.

You can find out more about pay as you go insurance with our guide.

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