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Credit cards with high limits

High limit, or premium, credit cards have credit limits of many thousands or sometimes no credit limits at all, but who can have one?

High limit credit cards are aimed at wealthier individuals with good credit scores and offer a host of elite benefits on top of high spending limits.

Compare premium credit cards

Compare the rewards and benefits of premium cards

How high is a high credit limit?

In theory, there is no limit on some premium credit cards, but the majority of high credit limit credit cards, will offer a limit somewhere in the tens of thousands.

Also with the premium credit cards that have no limit, purchases will be assessed on case by case basis - if the card provider thinks you can pay back a purchase they will approve it.

Your credit score and credit limit

Your credit limit will be set by your credit score. For obvious reasons high limit premium credit cards tend to only be available to those who have the very best credit scores.

The average credit card limit in the UK is between £3,000 to £4,000. If you'd like to get a premium credit card for a higher limit, you should check your credit score before applying and make sure it's very good.

Is there a minimum income requirement for a high limit card?

You will need to meet a minimum income requirement for premium cards, especially for cards with no credit limits. This can be anywhere from £20,000 per year at the lower end of the spectrum, all the way up to having a 'high net worth' (ie being a millionaire)

For the elite premium cards you may also need to spend a minimum amount with the card each month to be eligible.

What rewards can you get with high limit cards?

Often premium cards include a range of exclusive rewards as a perk. These can include:

  • Frequent flier miles

  • Companion tickets

  • Elite membership status in some hotel and airline loyalty programs

  • Access to lounges at airports

  • Tickets for music, theatre and other events

  • Travel insurance

  • Breakdown cover

Are high limit cards worth the cost?

Expect to pay some hefty annual fees to enjoy access to a premium card, this could be several thousand pounds or as low as £24-£100. An easy way to think of it is that you will essentially be paying for the benefits that come from a premium credit card by way of an annual fee. If you think you can get more value from these benefits than the cost of the annual fee then it could be worth paying the fee, even if it is a high one.

Also if you can't pay off your balance in full each month you're likely to be charged penalty fees or interest. A high limit card may be great for emergencies and big purchases but if you are paying interest on a five-figure balance this could be a very expensive experience.

Often the cards with the highest (or no) limits tend to be charge cards, which actually don't offer a borrowing facility and require you to repay your balance in full.

But, if you think you're going to use it and you need a high credit limit as you find yourself making large purchases regularly. Premium cards are likely to show a much higher Representative APR than cheaper cards as a result of their annual fees.

If you don't think a premium card is quite right for you, but you still want to enjoy perks with your credit card you could consider a reward credit card, which are typically less expensive. These will still earn rewards for your everyday purchases, but may not come with the fancy list of other benefits that premium cards might.

What high limit cards are available?

Famously American Express offer a range of high-end credit cards, but there are many other premium credit cards on the market you can take a look at our tables to see what's available.

The ultimate premium card: American Express Centurion Card

This card is something of a legend, it famously has no credit limit. It's typically only used by millionaires and businesses to make very large purchases.

It also includes a concierge service, which can arrange VIP tickets, book popular restaurants and are rumoured to carry out more or less any errand (provided it's legal). It's popular with those who are ultra cash-rich but time-poor and would value someone doing these administrative type tasks for them.

In fact the largest credit card purchase ever used a Centurion Card  - $170 million for Amedeo Modigliani's painting the "Reclining Nude", purchased at a Christie's auction house. As that card earns Membership Rewards, the points currency of American Express, that would be enough to fly the entire around the world many times in first class!

How can you get an American Express Centurion card

American Express doesn't publicly disclose the requirements necessary for getting or keeping a card, except you must have a substantial net worth and be a former platinum card holder.

But it's thought you need to spend $250,000 (American Express use dollars as a US based company) a year on it to qualify and an annual fee of $2,500 applies as well as a $7,500 'invitation fee'.

There is also The Platinum Card from American Express which comes with a big £575 annual fee. This is a charge card, so it has no credit limit meaning in theory, you could purchase an entire house on the card if the seller accepted American Express. This card has a long list of special benefits, particularly if you are a regular traveller to compensate for that very high annual fee. There is no listed minimum income required to be accepted for this card, though American Express will carefully consider your financial situation, credit history and your income in any application to ensure you can repay what could be very large purchases with this no-limit card.

Compare premium credit cards

Compare the rewards and benefits of premium cards