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Energy tariff ending

Is your energy tariff ending?

Fixed price energy plans are a great way to grab a good deal; but when they end, take quick action or risk overpaying

When your tariff end date comes around, it's important that you take action or you could end up being rolled on to a much more expensive gas and electricity plan.

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes

My energy tariff is ending. When should I switch?

In accordance with Ofgem regulations, suppliers must send you notice about your plan's upcoming end date 42 - 49 days before the end of your plan . This allows time to find and switch to a new plan before you're rolled on to your supplier's "standard" plan, which is often much more expensive.

Once you receive this letter, you are free to switch without penalty, even if the plan carries early exit fees (cancellation fees).

While this seems like plenty of time, you don't want to leave it to the last minute. Though shorter switching times have been introduced, it still takes at least three weeks (two week "cooling off" period plus three days to switch) to switch suppliers.

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes

It's worth noting that while this letter from your supplier will alert you to cheaper plans, these plans will only be the cheapest available from your supplier. That's why it's important to compare energy plans with an Ofgem accredited site like uSwitch.

Energy plans ending soon

SupplierPlans ending soonEnd date
Co-op Online December 201731 Dec 2017Compare now
Fixed Price December 201731 Dec 2017Compare now
Blue+Price Protection Dec1731 Dec 2017Compare now
iSave Fixed December 201731 Dec 2017Compare now
First Fixed December 2017 Online31 Dec 2017
First Fixed December 2017 v2 Full Service31 Dec 2017
Collective Fix December 201731 Dec 2017Compare now
Online Price Fix December 201731 Dec 2017
Price Protector December 201731 Dec 2017
Together - December 2017 - fixed 3931 Dec 2017Compare now
Together - December 2017 - fixed 4031 Dec 2017
Fresh Fixed Price Dec 2017 v131 Dec 2017Compare now
Bright Fixed Price Dec 2017 v131 Dec 2017
Fixed Saver December 201731 Dec 2017Compare now
ENGIE Fixed Dec 1731 Dec 2017Compare now
Green Fixed Dec 1731 Dec 2017
Connect 13 (Fixed January 18)31 Dec 2017Compare now
GnERGY Fixed December 2017 v131 Dec 2017Compare now
GnERGY Fixed December 2017 V231 Dec 2017
GnERGY Fixed December 2017 V331 Dec 2017
Double Gold Fixed 931 Dec 2017Compare now
Double Gold Fixed 1031 Dec 2017
Price Promise December 201731 Dec 2017Compare now
Online Fixed Saver December 2017 v231 Dec 2017Compare now
Online Fixed Saver December 201731 Dec 2017

I've compared energy plans there's nothing cheaper - what should I do?

You may find there's nothing cheaper than your plan that's about to end. This is, after all, the appeal of fixed plans - they lock in a very cheap rate for a year or more.

If this is the case for you, be aware that you should still switch. Inevitably, your cheap-rate plan will end and you'll be rolled on to your supplier's standard rate tariff. This is almost always much more expensive than you were paying, and will most definitely be more expensive than the cheapest plan on the market.

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes

What type of energy tariff should I switch to?

Finding a cheaper energy plan depends on a whole host of factors, including where you live, your consumption and the current energy plan market.

Fixed rate energy plans offer the peace of mind of rates that won't change. If you're not comfortable with a plan that includes an exit fee in case you don't like your new supplier or a better deal comes along, you can simply filter your comparison results - there are several fixed plans that don't carry an early exit fee.

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    Actually it was really quick wasn't it because I was sort of pottering around at the time with the kids and everything, took about five minutes, and he kept interrupting me to and tell me what the answer was.

    You know, this was easy because you could see all the companies in one and you could see exactly what was happening. I felt confidence in uSwitch and because I had read testimonials on the site and what others users had said about them and as much as anything it was the fact that they knew exactly what I was paying for my electric, they showed me my exact price plan, and then showed me a comparative.

    The whole process was very simple, they had a nice section on the Frequently Asked Questions. tI watched him use the uSwitch website and it was just very straightforward, click click click done in a matter of minutes.

    As the lady needs help to login to her Facebook I the fact she can easily use uSwitch is quite a testament to the site really. uSwitch, uSave definitely. I think uSwitch was great, dead easy, that was the best of it, dead easy to use, the quotes were up on the screen in minutes and it is about well three clicks of the mouse to switch electricity company.

What else can you do to keep costs down?

Ensuring youre on the cheapest energy plan, or on a good value fixed term plan, is the only way you can get the most value for every kWh you use, but there are other ways to keep costs down.

While a cheaper plan will save you money, so will using less energy in the first place. Simple changes around the home like dropping your thermostat by just one degree or draught proofing your doors and windows can make a significant difference, but larger investments can also pay off.

Insulation is the first step to keeping your energy costs down. Loft insulation is the easiest and cheapest to install, and even if you have loft insulation you should check whether you have the right levels installed, but more costly wall and floor insulation can also be worth considering.

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Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes