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Claim compensation for an energy power cut

Claim compensation for an energy power cut

Experienced a power cut lasting longer than 24 hours? You could be owed £75 or more — Uswitch explains how to get it

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It’s frustrating to be without electricity or gas for any amount of time, but depending on the length of your power cut, you could be owed compensation.

Find out how to determine if you can claim money for a power cut and how to do it here.

If you are experiencing a loss of gas or electricity right now, find out who to contact in a power cut and get live updates for your area.

Can I claim for a power cut?

If your electricity distributor or your gas transporter is at fault for the power outage, then you can claim for compensation.

If the outage is due to an action on your end — the supply was severed during works, a fuse tripped or you have not paid your bill — then you cannot claim compensation.

Compensation for electricity outage

According to Citizens Advice Bureau, if the outage was planned, your distributor must give you at least two days’ notification. If they have not provided this, you can claim £30. This must be claimed with 30 days of the outage.

If the loss of electricity was unplanned, the ability to get compensation will depend on the cause of the outage and how many homes were affected.

If you have you’re eligible to claim compensation due to a power cut, how much you may get depends on how many homes were impacted by the outage.

If fewer than 5,000 households experienced a gas or electricity power outage for more than 12 hours, then each home can get £75, and £35 for each 12 hour period after.

If more than 5,000 households were affected, then each home can receive the exact same, except the amount caps at £300.

If the outage was due to a storm or other poor weather conditions, households may receive £70 if they were without power for 24 hours, and £70 for each additional 12 hour period. This caps out at £700.

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Compensation for gas outage

You gas transporter must provide five days notice of an outage. Similar to electricity, you can claim £30 if they fail to do this, and it must be done within 30 days.

If the outage lasts longer than 24 hours, you are entitled to £30, with an additional £30 per 24-hours period you are without gas after the initial day.

If you are on the Priority Services Register, you are also entitled to receive assistance from the gas transporter to arrange an alternative means of cooking and heating.

How do I claim power cut compensation?

You do not need to contact your energy supplier about either your power cut or your compensation for power cuts.

For electricity

Contact your area electricity distributor. Find your local electricity distributor name, along with their phone number and Twitter handle, here.

For gas

Contact your area gas transporter. Find your local gas transporter on the Energy Networks site .

I’ve successfully claimed, now what?

You should be paid within 10 days of the outage ending (however, this may not be the case with weather-related outages).

If there has been a problem receiving your power cut compensation you can contact the energy ombudsman.

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