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Green Network Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Green Network Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Green Network Energy ceased trading in January 2021. The supplier's 360,000 customers will be transferred to EDF Energy.

If you're a Green Network Energy customer, our guide 'what to do if your energy supplier goes out of business' explains what happens next.

About Green Network Energy

Established in Italy in 2003, this gas and electricity supplier landed in the UK in 2017 and gained around a million customers across both countries.

Green Network Energy offered bilingual customer service agents and a website that could be viewed in both English and Italian. The supplier aimed to provide an “Italian touch” to your household energy service.

Green Network Energy Warm Home Discount

Customers on Green Network Energy tariffs were able to claim the government Warm Home Discount, which offers a one-off £140 discount on electricity bills for those eligible.

Customers that receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit fall into the 'core group' of eligibility, and will automatically receive the discount.

Green Network Energy tariffs also included the Warm Home Discount for the 'broader group', which includes customers on a low income who also get certain income-based benefits. Customers that meet the qualifying criteria in the broader group needed to apply to receive the Warm Home Discount from Green Network Energy.

How Green Network Energy prices have changed

In March 2020, Green Network Energy prices were cut in line with a reduction in the rate of Ofgem's energy price cap. The reduction meant a 2% price cut for those on the supplier's standard variable tariff.

In October 2019, the supplier reduced the cost of its standard variable tariff, also in relation to a cut in the price cap.

In March 2019, Green Network Energy prices rose by 9% for standard variable tariff customers, effective 1 April 2019. This price rise was also in line with the changing price cap level.

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