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iSupplyEnergy is a new British-owned and -operated electricity supply company based in Dorset on the South Coast of England.

iSupplyEnergy launched in 2012, and offer electricity only, with the aim of supplying gas as soon as possible.

iSupplyEnergy offers a fixed-price product, but does not offer any green or renewable plans.

iSupplyEnergy is the branded trading name of electricity supply licensee Energy Coop Ltd.

Why we like iSupplyEnergy

iSupplyEnergy's aim is to put the customer back in control. As a result, it promises not to engage in pushy sales tactics, offer special discounts or cash-back offers. Rather, the company tries to keep things simple.

iSupplyEnergy also offers an online 'self-service' system, and its customer services are based on 'technology' rather than call centres to better respond to your questions.

This focus on offering things online may not appeal to everyone, but iSupplyEnergy believe this saves them from employing people in call centres, and they can pass the savings on to their customers.

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