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Zog Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Zog Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Ofgem announced that Zog Energy was ceasing to trade on 1 December 2021, with its 11,700 customers later moved to EDF under the Supplier of Last Resort system.

About Zog Energy

Zog Energy is an independent, gas-only supplier offering two tariffs to consumers in Great Britain.

Like many of the independent suppliers that have recognised the frustration and confusion of consumers dealing with the big six, Zog Energy aims to remove the obstacles to getting competitively priced gas.

The supplier was founded by two Queen’s Award-winning entrepreneurs who, as energy users themselves, struggled to find and sign up to the best energy deal. Hence, Zog Energy was formed, with the aim of offering "best possible value energy" to domestic consumers.

To keep prices low, Zog Energy employs a lean structure and tech-focus, keeping overheads low with tools such as cloud computing and customer service management systems.

Supplier rating

Zog Energy didn't receive enough customer ratings to be included in our most recent independent YouGov survey so we don't have a customer satisfaction rating for this supplier.

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