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5G iPhone: What we know so far

Apple’s future iPhone plans are often pored over. But rather than get het up about 2019’s updated offerings, it’s actually the California company’s plans for 2020 that have got mobile fanatics excited.

A new report claims that Apple is priming a 5G iPhone for release in two years’ time, as it looks to take advantage of new infrastructure and offer access to new, ultra-fast networks. Here’s what we know so far about the 5G iPhone.

A 2020 release date

iPhone XS side on lock screen hero size

A new report, citing inside sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, says that its 5G iPhone will be available from 2020.

This news comes just a month after insiders close to Apple’s supply chain said that Tim Cook and co were weighing up whether to launch a 5G iPhone next year. It seems that Apple has decided to take a more conservative approach, unlike its major rivals...

It won’t be the first

Samsung Galaxy S10 front and back silver hero size

It seems that as with previous features, such as video calling and 3G, Apple is willing to play the long game with 5G, ceding ground to its competitors. Recent reports suggest that at least one of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 models, due for release next February at Mobile World Congress, will come with 5G, with Huawei also said to be readying its own take.

Those manufacturers will be betting on networks, including Vodafone, O2 and EE, completing their 5G trials and having new infrastructure in place. Apple, meanwhile seems to be happy to wait for such tech to become commonplace before offering its 5G handset.

Intel on board

Intel 5G iPhone

Intel is said to be Apple’s preferred partner for its new iPhone’s 5G modems. Word is that the chip maker has been working flat out with Apple to get the tech ready, especially as key rival Qualcomm is supplying modems for Android mobile makers.

With Apple in dispute with Qualcomm, Intel is the smartest bet for it to ensure access to enough components to satisfy the huge annual demand for the latest iPhone.

Three models

Apple iPhone 9 Plus and X 2018 backs camera closeup hero size

It’s believed Apple will stick with its current iPhone size range, with 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inch models being primed. With 5G likely to still be in its infancy in 2020, it’s not clear if it will opt to bring the tech to top–end versions only, although that seems highly unlikely at this stage.

Higher prices?

iPhone XS and XS Max screen app tray hero size

Back in October, analysts claimed that any 5G iPhone could be the subject of a hefty price rise. There’s been no further word on this, but there was talk that a basic 5G iPhone would start at around £899, a premium of £149 over the new iPhone XR.

The question is, will consumers be willing to pay such a huge sum?

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