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Apple App Store overhaul: 5 things you need to know

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Apple’s App Store has been long in the tooth for longer than any mobile fanatic cares to remember.

For a platform that prides itself on clean lines and flat design, the App Store is something of an aberration.

A hard–to–use tool which iPhone and iPad owners are growing somewhat tired of.

But now there are plans to give the world’s number one app emporium an overhaul.

Here’s everything you need to know about what Apple has lined up.

1 It'll be easier to search

When was the last time you searched for apps on your iPhone and found the experience straightforward? No, we can’t remember either.

That’s why Apple is said to be planning an overhaul to the App Store’s search function.

The aim, according to anonymous sources, is to give users access to the best apps at the top of search results, rather than having to trawl through lists of bloatware and apps promising to boost your Instagram followers.

2 Taking a leaf from Google’s book

google paid search

Apple plans to change how search results work in the App Store by looking to Google.

The search giant has made a multi–billion pound business out of paid search, and that’s exactly what Apple is planning on doing too. The idea is simple.

If you’re a developer, you’ll pay Apple a fee to have your app appear higher in search results, with the aim of getting more downloads and making more money in return.

3 Big apps up top

Fifa 16

Paid search means that if you tap ‘football games’ into the App Store’s search bar, you’ll likely see FIFA first.

Likewise, if you type in ‘independent games’, Monument Valley could come out up top.

Of course, this could hamper smaller developers, but if they pay a small fee up front, it could boost organic sales and help them get higher up Apple’s rankings.

4 A huge job

Apple isn’t underestimating how big a deal this is.

Sources say it was 100 staff working on its App Store rejig, overseen by its Vice President Todd Teresi, who used to look after the company’s trimmed down iAd business.

In fact, most of the staff beavering away on the project have been brought over from iAd to work their magic.

The suggestion is that this won’t just be a change to search, but rather a completely new take on the App Store.

The design of the store is dated and not fit for purpose, a major issue when rival Google Play is only getting better.

5 Expect it in summer

Will Smith summertime

Apple hasn’t commented on its App Store plans and sources haven’t revealed when the update will be revealed.

However, it’s a safe bet to assume it will be shown off at Apple’s WWDC event for developers, held in June.

That way it could be ready to roll out as part of iOS 10 later in the autumn.

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