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Apple March 21st event: 5 things to look out for

Apple store black and white

After months of speculation, Apple has finally confirmed it will be holding a special launch event on March 21st.

The media gathering, which is set to take place at the tech giant's Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California, will see it debut a string of new products.

Here are the five key things to look out for.

1 iPhone SE

iphone 6c 5se colours renders

Apple’s much rumoured iPhone SE, a four–inch handset aimed at replacing 2013’s iPhone 5S, has been mooted for the best part of a year.

This is likely to be the headline product, with all of Apple’s energies poured into a device which it hopes will help arrest the stagnation of its iPhone brand.

The handset is due to come with the same A9 chipset as the larger iPhone 6S, as well as Apple Pay support, Live Photos and a 12 megapixel camera.

Design-wise it is thought to be close to the iPhone 5S. 16GB and 64GB editions are expected.

2 iPad Pro (9.7" edition)

iPad Pro

Not a new take on last year’s iPad Pro. Rather, this is a rebranded iPad Air, featuring the same 9.7–inch screen. But with a more powerful processor, more speakers and support for Apple’s string of accessories, including the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

At a time when iPad sales have been in decline for over two years, Apple really needs this device to capture the imagination.

3 Apple Watch updates

apple watch health

Don’t go thinking March 21st will herald the fabled Apple Watch 2.

Although the techno timepiece will have been available for a year by April, it seems Apple is in no rush to overhaul the device. Instead, it seems the company is plotting more swappable bands and models in different colours and finishes.

New software has also been mooted. And don’t be surprised if Apple drops the price of its smartwatch to entice new customers.

4 Digs at the US government

Uncle Sam America

Apple’s ongoing legal and media–based battle with US law enforcement over iPhone encryption is due to go to court on March 22nd.

While Tim Cook and his band of execs are unlikely to address the case directly, you can expect plenty of asides about why Apple is right to disagree with attempts to unlock the iPhone belonging to known terrorist Syed Farook.

5 iOS 10 teaser

ios 10 logo mock up

Apple is likely to offer ‘one more thing’ at the end of its keynote on March 21st.

This will most likely be a brief teaser of what we can expect from the next iOS update, iOS 10.

This isn’t due to be shown off properly until Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, held in June.

But with Google already giving users the chance to try its new take on Android, Apple won’t want to be left behind.

Will it be another extensive overhaul of the software like iOS 7 before it? Time will tell.

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