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Apple Watch Series 2: five things you need to know

Apple Watch 2 Hero

After months of speculation, Apple has announced a second-generation Apple Watch to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 7.

Arriving 18 months after the first edition, the Apple Watch Series 2 is an evolution of the existing design to make it more useful, especially for fitness lovers.

According to CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the Apple Special Event in San Francisco, despite the somewhat lukewarm critical reception to the first Apple Watch the company is now the second biggest watch manufacturer in the world, behind Rolex.

Do the improved features of the Series 2 edition means it's also the best? Let's take a look.

1 Swimproof, not just splash proof

Apple Watch Series 2 water

Considering the Apple Watch is designed to be a fully-fledged part of your life, having to take it off to do certain activities, such as swimming, is always a bit of a chore.

The new Watch upgrades from the splash proofing of the original Watch to full “swim proofing”, making it waterproof down to a depth of 15 metres - the industry standard for swimming watches.

Apple Watch Series 2 water 2

Further good news is that Apple says that it has been designed to withstand swimming every day, and not just the occasional dip.

One particularly nifty trick is the new speaker system, which has been designed to eject any water left in the device at the end of a workout - it’ll be interesting to see how that works in practice.

2 GPS is built in

Apple Watch 2 running

One of the biggest rumours circulating the web over the past few months was that the second generation Apple watch would have built-in GPS, something which has proven to be true.

Having GPS inside the Watch itself (rather than having to sync it with your iPhone) is particularly appealing for runners, walkers and hikers who don’t want to have to carry their phone with them while using the watch for a workout.

You will be able to use the inbuilt GPS to plot your workout routes, look at maps, follow your pace, and so on.

Apple is also introducing the brand new “ViewRanger” app which is specifically designed for hiking, giving you routes to follow and incentives for when you get there - all available without your iPhone being anywhere in sight.

3 New processor

Apple Watch Series 2

A new second generation processor will be included as standard in the Apple Watch Series 2. That brings with it a speed boost of 50%.

Additionally, a new GPU is included which boosts the graphics performance two-fold as as well.

Interestingly, rather than ditching the Apple Watch Series 1 altogether, it’s being kept in the line-up with the new processor added inside.

So while that means you don’t get things like GPS and waterproofing, you do get a faster all-round experience - and a cheaper price tag too.

4 Design

Apple Watch Series 2 design

The new phone’s screen is twice as bright as the previous version, featuring 1,000 (charmingly-named) nits for brightness.

This should make it easier to see the screen if bright sunshine is shining on your watch.

Along with aluminium, the Apple Watch Series 2 will also now be available in ceramic, which is said to be 4x harder than stainless steel… it doesn’t come cheap though.

5 It's out very soon

Pre-orders of the Apple Watch Series 2 will begin on September 9th, with orders starting to being fulfilled on September 16th.

The new operating system for Apple Watch, Watch OS3, will become available from September 13th.

The Apple Watch Series 2 price will start from £369. The ceramic version pricing starts from £1,249.

The Apple Watch Series 1 price (with its new processor) will start from £269.

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