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Apple Watch Series 3: five things you need to know

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is official. The California company has unveiled its third generation smartwatch at a special event at its Apple Park campus.

And it finally promises to take the device to the next level. Want to know why? Here are five things you need to know...

1 4G is on board at last

Apple Watch series 3 receiving calls

The biggest new feature on the Apple Watch Series 3 is undoubtedly its ability to make and take calls.

With a 4G antenna, a first for the Apple Watch, users will be finally be able to use the smartwatch without having to take their iPhone out with them.

Apple says that means you’ll be able to send and receive messages, as well use third-party apps and make calls from your wrist.

It finally unshackles the device and will likely turn Apple Watch 3.0 into a huge hit.

2 And it uses the same number as your iPhone

iPhone 7 angled

The Apple Watch Series 3 will use the same phone number as your iPhone.

That means you’ll need to be an Apple smartphone owner too in order to have one.

It makes sense, especially as making and taking calls from your wrist will likely be a gimmick too far for some users who’ll also want the power of a regular smartphone for everyday tasks.

3 Siri has had an upgrade

Siri has always been available on the Apple Watch. But until now it’s not had the ability to talk back like it does on the iPhone.

The Apple Watch Series 3 changes all that.

During its presentation, Apple showed off how the new device will allow users to interact with its virtual assistant via their smartwatch by speaking with it as you would on a smartphone or Apple TV.

If you can make or take calls from your wrist, why not chat with your virtual PA too?

4 You can stream from Apple Music

Apple Watch series 3 apple music

This is arguably the coolest new feature with the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Music will work with the Apple Watch Series 3 from October, offering the ability to fire up the company’s streaming app and play 40 million tunes via a set of paired headphones whenever you’re out and about.

This will be a boon for runners and outdoor types who want to listen to tunes during a workout, without having to carry their iPhone.

5 Available to pre–order from 15th September. On sale soon after

Apple Watch series 3 launch date

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available for pre–order from 15th September, this Friday, before hitting shelves on 22nd September.

Apple is offering it with a slew of new bands and colour options too.

There’s a non 4G edition for $329, with the full 4G model costing $399.

UK prices have not been confirmed, but Apple has confirmed it will team up with EE to offer the smartwatch.

It’s not yet clear whether it can be bought SIM–free, as the Apple’s Watch’s SIM is built into the device and cannot be removed.

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