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Apple WWDC 2016: five things to look out for

WWDC 2016

Apple has confirmed it will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco from June 13th.

As usual, the company will kick things off with a keynote presentation detailing all of its new software, before giving developers the chance to tinker with its new tools before anyone else.

So, what will be on show? And when will you be able to lay your hands on it? Here are five things to keep an eye out for at WWDC 2016.

1 iOS 10

ios 10 logo mock up

Apple’s software update plans run like clockwork and 2016 looks set to be no different.

The company always shows off its new version of iOS for iPhone and iPad at WWDC in the summer, before officially releasing it to users in the autumn.

This year sees iOS 10 arrive, at a time when the company is trying to stop sales of its iPhones flatlining.

Expect to see big improvements in Siri voice commands grab headlines.

Rumours suggest Apple is planning on equip its virtual assistant with the ability to dismiss calls and transcribe voicemails.

Apple’s 3D Touch tech, currently found in the iPhone 6s, is likely to get an extensive refresh, making it more relevant across more apps and services.

2 All–new App Store

App Store large

Gossip emerged this week from inside sources claiming that Apple has a staff of 100 engineers working on improving its App Store.

The key change is said to focus on how users find apps, specifically with a new paid search function.

This would work like Google web searches, with app developers able to pay to improve their search results and ensure that copycat, inferior apps are down–rated.

There are also rumours of a whole new design for the store, which has looked dated for some time.

3 Public beta

Last year, Apple made iOS available as a public beta for the first time.

That meant that as well as developers, iPhone and iPad fanatics could sign up to trial the new software before anyone else.

The same is likely to happen this year.

The key here is to ensure that iOS 10 launches without any bugs.

The chances of that are slim, especially after iOS 9’s well–documented failings, but Apple seems very keen to get users more involved in its development process.

4 iPhone 7 hints

iPhone detail camera back

The clues may not come during the WWDC keynote, but developers have a keen eye for any code which hints at what products Apple has in the pipeline.

During the four-day event you can expect to hear plenty about Apple’s iPhone 7. Not least whether it has a dual camera (which seems certain, at least for the iPhone 7 Plus), if Apple really is ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack and whether there are any design changes.

Apple staffers will be keeping mum, but tech reporters definitely won’t.

5 Apple Watch updates

apple watch detail

As well as iOS 10, Apple is due to reveal plans for its next version of watchOS.

The company’s Apple Watch hasn’t caught on as many thought it would and with a price cut recently revealed, WWDC could be the moment we hear about plans for a new version.

WWD tends not to have a product focus, but launching the Apple Watch 2 could grab a few more headlines and tide Apple over during the traditionally quiet summer months.

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