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Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus accessories

iPhone 7 Plus hero

Got a new iPhone 7? Feel it's looking a bit under-dressed?

We’ve rounded up the best cases, wireless headphones and camera accessories right here.

In two minds about the iPhone 7? Check out our review.

1 Otterbox iPhone 7 Defender series case (£39.99)

otterbox iphone 7 case

Otterbox cases are widely regarded as the best-in-class. They’re tough, with a protective foam inner layer that insulates your phone from unfortunate drops. But aren’t obtrusive like some other cases we could mention.

This one’s easy to remove, still lets you access your phone easily but keeps your ports free of dust with handy covers.

Find it here: £39.99 | Amazon.

2 VicTsing 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kits 180 Degree Fisheye Lens (£8.99)

fisheye lens

The iPhone 7’s camera is great. The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera set-up, with its excellent 10x zoom, is better still. But neither offers a fish-eye lens to let you experiment with 180-degree photos and mind-bending curvature.

VicTsing’s clip-on kit solves that. And it’s yours for under a tenner.

Find it here: £8.99 | Amazon.

3 DN-Technology iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (£1.83)

iPhone 7 screen protector

DN-Technology’s screen protector does what it says on the tin and keeps your phone free of scratches, while an oleophobic layer keeps fingerprints at away. It's also thin enough that it doesn’t make your iPhone 7 screen any less responsive.

Find it here: £1.83 | Amazon.

4 Arteck Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones (£11.97)

iPhone 7 sports headphones

To say that Apple’s decision to omit the traditional 3.5mm headphone port from the iPhone 7 is controversial is undercooking it rather. Dropping the set-in-stone, decades-old technology has been perhaps the most divisive thing Apple has ever done.

At least some of the controversy stems from the fact it means you can now you can no longer listen to music and charge your phone simultaneously.

These wireless headphones from Arteck, which connect via Bluetooth and are normally priced £99.99, solve the problem neatly for the budget price of £11.97.

Designed for sport, they also stay in your ears when you’re exerting yourself and are sweat-resistant too.

Find it here: £11.97 | Amazon.

5 Cowin E-7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (£49.99)

cowin headphones

As outlined above, Bluetooth headphones enable you to get around the fact that there’s no standard 3.5mm headphone port on the iPhone 7.

These Cowin E-7 headphones, which deliver full, rich sound quality, are hefty over-ear models that are far less easy to lose than Apple’s micro-sized AirPods. And at £49.99 (down from £129.99 previously), they’re a whopping £200 cheaper.

Find it here: £49.99 | Amazon.

6 PemoTech iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case 4000mAh (£13.99)

pemo battery pack iphone 7

Whether you’re camping for the weekend or want to avoid hellishly long queues for charging facilities at music festivals, there are times when everyone could use a back-up battery.

This one from PemoTech features a whopping 4000mah auxiliary battery, which doubles as a case to keep your phone safe from bumps and scrapes. There’s also a handy kickstand for Facetime calls and watching videos.

Find it here: £13.99 | Amazon.

7 Toplus Lightning to USB cables (£10.99)

iphone 7 cables

Infinitely more robust than Apple’s official cables, these Toplus cables are made from braided nylon that’s much less inclined to fray and come apart. They also offer faster charging and quicker data transfers.

Find it here: £10.99 | Amazon.

8 Osmo Mobile camera (£289)

osmo mobile

The iPhone 7 records in lush 4K, which means you get footage that’s four times as crisp as standard HD.

If you’re serious about making mini movies on your phone and taking advantage of those 4K capabilities, Osmo Mobile’s camera is a bit of a boon.

Thanks to on board image stabilisation technology, you’ll be free of camerashake. And the company’s ActiveTrack system means you draw a line around an object you want the camera to follow the camera will automatically track it.

Find it here: £289 | Amazon.

9 Emie Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker (£27.49)

emie speaker

Emie’s speaker offers lush sound with a single-button control method and a charming ‘50s design.

Find it here: £27.49 | Amazon.

10 Olixar Bike Mount (£11.97)

This is a robust bike mount for your handset that’s got ample room for you phone, with or without a protective case. Need to remove it in a hurry? There’s a quick release button too.

Find it here; £11.97 | Amazon.

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