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iOS 10: How to get it and what you need to know

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Now that the dust has settled from the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 launch event, we can start to think about something which will be available for just about everybody: iOS 10.

Announced earlier this year at WWDC, iOS 10 is described by Apple as its biggest software update to date.

It brings with it a host of new features, including better integration of Siri, redesigned maps, the ability to control ‘home automation’ accessories (basically switching on your lights and heating) and the ability to wake your iPhone just by lifting it up.

iOS 10 has been available for beta testers for a few months now, but it will be rolled out to the public on September 13th.

Here’s our step-by-step guide of how to install it on your iOS devices.

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Head to Settings

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You can either update your iOS devices via iTunes on your computer, or more simply, do it directly from the device itself.

To get there, tap the Settings app. Once there, scroll down to General and you should see “Software Update” second from the top in the options.

If you click on this before iOS 10 becomes available, it will either tell you that you’re all up-to-date, or, if you’re running an older iOS than 9.3.5 that you can update to a newer version.

Plug in your device

You can perform a iOS update so long as you have at least 50% of battery. But it makes sense to plug in the device anyway so you don’t end up with a dead phone at the end of the software update. Alternatively, you can plug it into your computer to charge it.

On-screen instructions

As the update starts to download, you’ll be prompted with a series of instructions, including agreeing to Apple’s terms and conditions.

You can ask for those terms to be sent to your email if you wish, but as soon as you tap Agree then the update should start automatically so long as you have sufficient battery life (or the device is plugged in).

Enter your password

Once the update has been completed, you’ll likely be prompted to input your Apple ID and password to sync up with any iCloud backups.

All you need to do is enter your ID and you should be good to go - but if you can’t remember your password then you can ask for it to be reset.

Start using iOS 10

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If you’re lucky, the process of downloading and installing the update shouldn’t take longer than 15-30 minutes.

However, if you try to update on launch day, you may be in a queue with millions of other users across the world and struggle to complete the update quickly.

Although the new features of iOS 10 are very appealing, you may want to consider waiting until any glitches of a completely new operating system are ironed out.

Although iOS 10 has been in beta testing, there’s a chance something will need to be fixed with another update - if you can hold off until the second update, you may be better off.

Apple is good at offering compatibility with older devices for its new operating system, and iOS 10 will be available to devices stretching back as far as the iPhone 4S.

That said, if you are using one of these older devices, you may want to wait and see how others with the same device fare using the new iOS - it will have been built with faster processors in mind (such as those found on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) and as such older phones could potentially struggle.

Remember that iOS 10 launches on September 13th, and will be available as a free download.

For more on the new features of iOS 10, read our ten things you need to know about iOS 10 feature from the operating system's grand unveiling earlier this year.


Reports are coming in that iOS 10 is 'bricking' some iPhones and iPads, which renders them useless and sends affected devices into recovery mode. However, Apple has apparently since fixed the problem. If you've been affected, let us know about your experiences in the comments section.

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