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iOS 11.4 battery drain: everything you need to know

It looks like there might be more bad news for Apple fans and their batteries.

Battery woes are nothing new for Apple. And following on from the debacle which saw the company admit to slowing older iPhones down and then forced into offering cheap battery replacements as a fix, it’s now facing up to another issue which looks every bit as bad.

iPhone owners downloading iOS 11.4, the latest available version of Apple’s smartphone software, say it’s causing their handsets to lose power rapidly.

So, why is it happening? Which phones are affected? And is there a fix? Read on and we’ll answer all the key questions.

What’s the problem?

iPhone battery being replaced

Thousands of users have taken to Apple’s official discussion boards to vent their fury after installing iOS 11.4.

They say that it's caused their batteries to lose power at a rapid rate, with some complaining they can only squeeze half a day from a single charge. And worse, some customers have reported that, even when they’re not using their iPhone, it can slip from 90% to 20% in a matter of minutes.

What iPhones are affected?

Initially it appeared that it was iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models that were suffering. But anecdotally it now seems that even newer devices are having the same problem.

There have been complaints from iPhone 7, iPhone SE and even iPhone X owners about the issue. iPad mini owners also say they have been hit too.

What has Apple said?

Apple Store iPhone battery hero image

As yet, nothing. On one of the forums a ‘Community Specialist’ offered links to support pages about iPhone battery wear and how much it costs to replace them.

But there has been no statement from the California company. This is in keeping with its apparent policy of only admitting to major issues when they break into the mainstream media.

Is there a fix?

Users have reported that switching off Wi–Fi eases the problem, while others have flicked from 5GHz to 2.4Ghz networks in a bid to get their iPhones lasting more than a few hours.

However, many have said these fixes simply do not work. Those who have managed to downgrade back to iOS 11.3 say the problem has also gone, although this is a tricky solution and one which requires skilled knowledge of iOS.

Should I upgrade to iOS 11.4 anyway?

iphone 6 battery charging

If you’ve not made the leap to iOS 11.4, then it’s advisable to hold off for now. Although the update brings new features including AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud, it’s hardly so essential that users must have it right away.

Will there be a new update to fix it soon?

Apple does tend to offer minor bumps to software when situations like this arise. Don’t be surprised to find one rolled out over the next few weeks to address the problem.

Right now, though, that’s cold comfort for those who have to carry a charger and portable battery pack with them wherever they go.

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