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iOS 12: five ways it can help make your old iPhone better

iOS 12’s arrival at Apple’s annual WWDC event came with plenty of hype about AR skills, clever, new personalised emoji and a focus on cutting down on screen time.

But in reality the best feature of the new platform is behind the scenes.

That’s because iOS 12 appears to be designed to make older iPhones work better and faster. Here are five ways it can help make your old iPhone work better.

What features is iOS 12 bringing to iPhones? Here's what you need to know.

1 Even five-year-old iPhones are getting iOS 12

iphone 5s

The best news from WWDC was that Apple plans to support the same iPhones and iPads with iOS 12 that it did with iOS 11.

That means devices as far back as the iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2 will be able to utilise the platform when it launches to the public later this year, most likely in September.

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2 Apps will load 40% faster

iOS 12 faster hero image

Apple’s Craig Federighi boasted that iOS 12 would see apps on older handsets load as much as 40% quicker.

That’s a big deal when you consider that installing the latest version of iOS 11 on ageing hardware usually means the pace of the device slows to a crawl. How the bears out in reality remains to be seen, however.

3 Speedier camera access

iOS 12 camera

One of the most frustrating aspects of using new software on old iPhones is powering up the camera.

More often than not you’ll miss the moment you wanted to take a shot because it takes so long to get going.

Federighi said that this would be fixed with iOS 12, with a whacking 70% faster opening time once the software is loaded.

Again, will this be the case on an iPhone 5s? Until iOS 12 is released, it’s hard to tell.

4 You'll be able to tap out messages faster

imessage iphone hero

Opening the keyboard on your iPhone to fire off a missive or tap out a complaint on TripAdvisor shouldn’t be an arduous task.

But the fact is they the keyboard can take an age to wake up and often lags badly on older handsets. That’s all changed with iOS 12 according to Apple. It will now open a whole 50% faster.

5 Updated phones will be best with a new battery

iPhone battery being replaced

The big question remains how all these changes will work in conjunction with Apple’s controversial decision to throttle older iPhones with ageing batteries. Surely it can’t bode well.

That means that while Apple is still offering £25 battery upgrades through its own stores and official resellers, you should take advantage and get one.

Coupled with iOS 12, it could save you hundreds on upgrading to a new iPhone before you really need to.

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