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iOS 9.3: five key features of Apple’s latest update

ios 9.3

Apple has released its latest update for iOS. iOS 9.3 is available now for users signed up to its public beta programme and is set to get a public release in the next few weeks.

Usually these small updates are nothing to get too excited about, but Apple has revealed a string of smart features that mean it’s well worth updating as soon as you get the chance.

Here's our pick of the five best.

1 Night Shift

Night Shift

The biggest new tool in Apple’s arsenal. The concept is simple: blue light from screens has been found to hinder circadian rhythms, adversely affecting sleep.

Night Shift uses an iPhone’s clock to suss out when the sun goes down and switch its display to warmer yellow light.

That means you can use your phone later into the night without wondering why you can’t nod off.

Blue light is automatically switched back on when the sun comes up.

2 Apple News

apple news

Apple News, the iPhone’s swanky RSS feed for ensuring you see the news you want, has not been quite the success the Cupertino-based company would have hoped.

iOS 9.3 brings a string of improvements. There are curated choices from Apple editors, a new 'trending' list and automatic video playback.

The question is, can it match up to the likes of Twitter and Facebook when it comes to news discovery?

3 Notes

notes ios 9.3

The Notes app on iOS has taken some big cues from services such as Evernote, but has so far proved less popular and remains less feature-rich than its rivals.

To give it an edge Apple has added new security functionality, allowing users to add passwords or Touch ID protection to selected notes.

One for hardcore business and enterprise users, most likely.

4 Beefed-up shortcuts

3d touch iphone

The Quick Actions tool on the iPhone 6s is what makes 3D Touch worthwhile. There are now better shortcuts for a number of native Apple apps.

Hold down on Settings to see Wi–Fi, Battery and Bluetooth status and press on Weather to get the current forecast for your location.

Quick Actions are only set to get better as 3D Touch becomes more pervasive throughout iOS.

5 Health

health ios 9.3

Another app that appeared to have fallen by the wayside is getting some love with iOS 9.3.

New tools for Health allow you to access apps for downloading specific health data, from weight to sleep.

There's also improved access to data from a paired Apple Watch.

In reality though, this app remains something far too niche for most mainstream users.

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