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iPhone 2017: 5 ways it will be better than the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 render Martin Hajek

The iPhone 7 is nearly here. But all the leaks and reports suggest this year’s iPhone update will be a damp squib.

Usually, Apple completely overhauls its smartphone every two years, which means we should be due a new–look device next month.

This time though, things are different. 2016’s iPhones look identical to the previous two versions, with many predicting low sales.

The reason? Apple is said to be working on a massively changed iPhone for release in 2017, designed to celebrate the phone’s tenth anniversary.

We already know quite a bit about next year’s phone. Here’s why it’ll be better than the upcoming iPhone 7.

1 Updated design

iphone edge to edge screen

More has been revealed about Apple’s plans for next year’s iPhone, with a new report saying that its manufacturing partner Foxconn is already working on the phone’s chassis.

Word is that this will be made from hardened glass, aping the best-ever iPhone, the iPhone 4.

This would allow Apple to offer something different from the chrome–style smartphones which dominate the scene at the moment.

2 Brighter screen

bright screen

Apple’s Retina Display was best in class when it was first revealed.

Now though it looks dated when held up against top–end kit from the likes of Samsung, LG and Huawei.

Apple is said to have ordered millions of ultra bright OLED screens from Samsung’s components division, primed especially for next year’s iPhone.

That means not only will the screen pop, but that it will draw less power thanks to its OLED smarts. If that leads to longer battery life, then it’ll be an added bonus.

3 Curved display

iphone concept curved display

Rumours continue to fly that Apple is planning a curved screen version of its iPhone.

If so, it would have a device to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7, both of which offer curved screens and have sold well this year.

Apple could utilise the extra screen real estate to deliver smarter iOS notifications without users having to pick up and power up their iPhones.

4 Dual cameras

iPhone 7 dual camera

Apple’s imminent iPhone 7 Plus is said to come with a dual lens camera, designed to allow users to refocus images after they’ve been taken and work better in low light.

However, its standard iPhone 7 is thought to come with just a single lens.

Next year’s iPhone range should have the dual lens setup as standard across the range. It’ll need it in order to compete.

5 No home button

iphone 7 home button

Apple may be ditching the physical home key and replacing it with a touch sensitive button with the iPhone 7.

But reports suggest it could merge the home button into a larger screen with 2017’s iPhone. This would be a radical departure, but one which has been much–needed for some time.

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