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iPhone 6s touch disease repair programme: What you need to know

iPhone 6s touch disease repair programme: What you need to know

Got an iPhone 6 Plus? Then chances are you’ve heard about problems some users are experiencing with its touch display.

The capacious handset’s touchscreen has been suffering from so–called ‘touch disease’, rendering its display incapable of registering presses and prods. In response, US consumers have started class action lawsuits against the tech giant.

Now, several months after reports of the issue first surfaced, Apple has admitted there’s a problem and revealed a repair programme for affected users.

Is your iPhone broken? Read on and we’ll tell you how we got here and how Apple plans to fix it.

Apple admits there's a very real problem

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This is the first time Apple has owned up to an issue with ‘touch disease’.

It’s stayed silent in the face of thousands of complaints and lawsuits, which suggest it knowingly sold faulty phones and then said it couldn’t fix the problem. Thus forcing out-of-warranty users to buy a new iPhone rather than repairing their existing device.

Although it’s not taking the blame

On its website, Apple says it has "determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device".

This has left some online commenters fuming; they say the problem is down simply to faulty touchscreen chips and not caused by being dropped on hard surfaces.

Apple will fix your a price

The good news is that Apple will fix your broken iPhone 6 Plus if it’s been affected.

There are caveats, though. You’ll need to send it to Apple Technical Support, take it into an Apple store or visit your nearest official Apple reseller. The device must not have a a cracked or broken screen either.

Then there’s the price. Apple says it will charge £146.44 to get it fixed. That's quite a bit more than the $149 it's charging in the US.

But British Apple fans are surely grudingly only too familiar with paying extra for iKit and services by now.

The launch of an official repair scheme is progress of sorts, after anecdotal evidence suggested some Apple stores simply wouldn’t fix the problem before.

However, users are unimpressed that Apple is asking for money when they say its poorly constructed devices are to blame.

Had your iPhone fixed before? You can get a refund

iPhone repairs

If you had your iPhone 6 Plus fixed by one of Apple’s official repair centres, it’s likely you’ll have paid a lot more than £146.

Apple says that it will refund the difference to anyone affected. To take advantage of that offer, you need to contact Apple via its official website to see if you qualify.

You don’t need to be in warranty

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The good news is that you don’t need to be in warranty to get your iPhone 6 Plus screen fixed.

If you bought the phone when it first hit shelves in 2014, then you’ll already be well out of the warranty period.

However, Apple says its repair programme will be valid for five years after the device was purchased. So even if you buy an iPhone 6 Plus now and it gets ‘touch disease’ in 2021, you’ll be covered.

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