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iPhone 7: 5 disappointments we’ve already had to deal with

iphone 7 concept

It’s not even due out for another four months. But already it’s hard not to think of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 as a letdown.

Apple itself is reeling after suffering its first-ever global slide in iPhone sales, including a colossal 26% drop in the massive Chinese market.

And on top of that, rumours are flying that this year’s iPhone isn’t going to be anything like as good as everyone is hoping.

Here are five iPhone 7 disappointments we’ve already had to deal with.

1 Redesign? What redesign?

iphone 7 leak onleaks

Leaked images of the iPhone 7 don’t exactly inspire confidence among those hoping for a major overhaul in 2016.

Apple’s update cycle means that this year would usually be a ‘tick’ year, when it makes substantial design changes to try and entice millions of new customers.

However, the updated device appears to have nothing more than a thinner frame, ditching those ugly plastic antenna brands for a cleaner finish.

Extensive changes are said to have been held back until 2017, with analysts saying Apple will opt for a new, all–glass design and possibly a curved screen.


Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge - design

Apple is lagging miles behind the likes of Samsung and LG when it comes to screen technology.

The latest Android phones offer brighter crisper displays, all the better for streaming Netflix and watching back 4K video shot with some of the best smartphone cameras around.

However, Apple’s OLED-screen plans, like their redesign ones, are said to be on hold until next year.

That means the same LCD we’ve seen on the past two iPhones, giving Apple’s phone an unwanted retro feel.

The iPhone 7 is looking less appealing by the week.

3 And no curviness

iphone concept curved display

As in 2014, Apple needs something big to wow customers. Back then, it was finally admitting that bigger was better when it came to displays.

The decision to offer larger iPhones helped it to the best quarterly results of any company ever.

Offering a curved screen would surely give it back its mojo and take the fight to the excellent Galaxy S6 Edge.

But reports that Apple had ordered a job lot of flexible OLED screens from Samsung were scotched by supply-chain sources. Apple is keeping the iPhone flat, at least for now.

4 Smart Connector begone

smart connector ipad pro

Leaked images of the iPhone 7 appeared to show this year’s updated smartphone would feature Apple’s Smart Connector tech.

This is already a mainstay of the two iPad Pro models, allowing users to connect specially made keyboards.

However, now reports from Japan are saying that Apple won’t be including it on its next device.

While it was unclear which accessories the Smart Connector would offer on the iPhone 7, the now seemingly debunked rumours did at least give us some hope that Apple had something innovative up its sleeve for its September launch.

Chances are this was a prototype feature that was never going to launch officially.

5 An improved camera for some, but not others

iPhone detail camera back

One major feature planned for the iPhone 7 is a new, dual lens camera. At least, it’s planned for the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

The ‘DSLR’ like snapper is said to be able to refocus images after they’ve been taken and offer much improved pictures in low light.

The fact that Apple is said to be keeping it back for its phablet model and offering a single lens camera on the iPhone 7 points towards a new, fragmented approach to the iPhone brand, something which is bound to turn off potential customers.

It may be a way off, but it’s hard to shake off the sense3 that, in some quarters at least, the iPhone 7 is already a failure.

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