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iPhone 7: 5 new things we’ve learned

iphone 7 dark blue render

The iPhone 7’s launch is edging closer day by day.

And with Apple’s new smartphone now said to be in production at its Chinese manufacturers’ plants, a string of new rumours are flying about what we can expect.

Will it feature a wholly new design? What colours will it come in? And what will the camera offer?

Read on and we’ll reveal five new things we’ve learned about the iPhone 7.

1 Space Black, not Deep Blue


With the iPhone 7 expected to feature a design that's nigh-on identical to last year’s iPhone 6s, Apple is rumoured to be making its 2016 phone available in fresh colours to entice people to upgrade.


A recent rumour from Japan suggested these will include a Deep Blue option. Now the same sources say they got it wrong and that in fact Apple will release a Space Black version.

This will purportedly look similar to the Apple Watch already available in the same colour.

2 Force Touch home button

iphone 7 render

For the iPhone 7, Apple is set to ditch the 'click-to-press' physical home button that has been a mainstay of the iPhone since 2007.

Instead, the iPhone 7 is set to offer a home button that's embedded into the chassis of the device. This will use haptic technology so that users feel a vibration when they press down on it, thus letting them know their input has been registered.

This haptic feedback technology already forms the basis of Apple's Force Touch system, which is found in the Apple Watch, as well as 3D Touch in last year’s iPhone 6s.

The new button will look the same as the old one and still function as a fingerprint scanner.

3 Larger camera

iphone 7 rear camera

We’ve known for some time that Apple plans to make major changes to the cameras in its iPhone range.

That rumour got even more credible at the weekend when images leaked online showing a device with a much larger aperture for the camera.

iPhone 7 Pro Plus rear leak

This has fuelled speculation that the standard iPhone 7 could come with a 21-megapixel lens.

Other leaked pics, showing the larger iPhone 7 Plus, depict a double cutaway for a dual-lens setup.

4 An end to older accessories

iPhone 7 case leak @onleaks

One of Apple’s design tweaks for this year's model is said to centre on the size of the iPhone 7’s earpiece and the positioning of the ambient light sensor for the camera.

The latter is being moved to the right of the device, while the earpiece is getting larger.

Minor, maybe. But it does mean that accessories such as screen protectors will be useless, with users have to buy new covers if they want a new iPhone 7.

5 Special headphone adaptor

iphone 7 earpods

Apple intends to get rid of the standard 3.5mm headphone slot in its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This rumour has been around for so long and repeated so often that it’s now taken as gospel.

But recent reports say that rather than ship the device with headphones that slot right into the device’s Lightning charging port, Apple will in fact include an adaptor in the box so users can plug in their own cans or earbuds.

This should placate some of the 300,000 people who signed a petition to stop Apple making such a major change to their smartphone.

Stay abreast of all the latest iPhone 7 speculation with our rumours round-up.

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