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iPhone 7: 5 reasons you shouldn’t upgrade until 2017

Every week, more rumours pour out about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7.

And every week it becomes increasingly clear that this year’s update will be a very minor improvement on 2015’s iPhone 6s.

As September’s planned launch day nears and Apple’s plans for its handset leak, we’ve trawled the news, dug into the details and worked out why it’s best you hold fire on buying a new iPhone until 2017.

1 Same screen

iPhone 6S detail

It’s almost certain that Apple will not use an eyeball–stroking OLED screen in its iPhone 7.

Instead, it’s thought that the Californian company will offer the same LCD panel found in its past two iPhones.

That means it will look distinctly average next to the best smartphones from Samsung.

2017’s heavily redesigned iPhone, long rumoured for release, will feature OLED technology, however.

If a bright screen that doesn’t eat up power is a deal-breaker, then you should give the iPhone 7 a wide berth.

2 Headphone woes

iphone apple earphones

Apple is purportedly set to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7, and in so abandon tech found in every other major phone and tablet on the planet.

The plan is to push users towards either wireless headphones or ones which plug in via the iPhone’s Lightning charging port.

Apple has form when it comes to such moves, of course. Its Macs famously ditched floppy discs and then CDs.

However, the latest chat from the supply chain suggests it will sell the iPhone 7 with a special Lightning adapter, allowing users to plug in standard headphones.

It’s unlike Apple to hedge its bets and this could easily lead to users forgetting their adapter and being caught short when they want to listen to any audio.

3 Same design

iPhone 6S Triplicate

There’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s’s design. But the fact is they feel tired next to Samsung’s slick new efforts.

However, Apple is apparently going to use the same looks for the iPhone 7, albeit without the plastic antenna bands on the back of the device.

Remaking what is essentially a rectangular slab is hard at the best of times, but with a curved iPhone model being primed for 2017, this is another reason to hold out and save your pennies for next year.

4 Camera confusion

iPhone detail camera back

Apple’s larger iPhone 7 Plus is thought to have a special dual lens camera.

At least it was, until a rumour this week suggested Apple couldn’t get enough of the components working and was reverting to a single lens instead.

That was the one feature which was meant to truly mark out Apple’s new range, even if it was confined to its phablet edition.

Take this out of the equation and you’re looking at a phone which will feature a minor boost to its camera.

Hardly exciting compared with some of the other flagship phones out this year.

5 iOS 10 will make older iPhones better

ios 10 hero

Apple is well aware that the iPhone 7 won’t be a world-beater.

Especially as its latest iOS 10 software is set to make iPhones all over the world much better. Even 2012’s iPhone 5 is set to get the new operating system.

If you’ve got an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, the changes to the lock screen, tweaked notifications and boosts to Siri will make it feel as if you’ve got a new phone.

New hardware can wait until next year.

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