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iPhone 7: five new rumours for 2016

The freshest gossip about Apple's forthcoming smartphone.
iPhone 6s recommended

The year’s less than a week old. But already we’re being inundated with gossip about Apple’s plans for its next generation iPhone 7, a handset that’s not even due to launch for another nine months at least.

Madness? Yes. Without a doubt.

But with so many juicy new tidbits to go on, it’d be remiss not to feel a twinge of excitement about Cupertino’s plans.

Here are five new slices of gossip to get excited about.

1 Huge storage space

iphone 7 storage rumours

The 128GB iPhone 6s is pretty hefty in the storage-stakes already. But with apps taking up increasingly more space and features such as Live Photos muscling in on room for music and movies, it seems Apple is planning on making the iPhone 7 even heftier.

Chinese tech sites have reported that plans are afoot for a 256GB iPhone 7.

It would be a costly bit of kit, but worth it if local storage is still your thing and you prefer it to storing files in the cloud.

There’s no word on whether that means the 16GB iPhone will be discontinued.

However, it surely makes sense to offer 32GB as an entry-level if space is now at such a premium.

2 Battery boost

iphone 7 battery rumours

Apple’s ‘hump’ iPhone 6s battery case was launched before Christmas and drew plenty of scorn for its ugly design and the fact it meant Cupertino admitting its power pack wasn’t big enough.

New rumours suggest Apple will offer a 3,100 mAh battery in the iPhone 7, which makes it 12.5% bigger than that in the iPhone 6s Plus.

How that will affect the device’s design is unclear, especially as Apple head designer Jony Ive is unlikely to want to make the iPhone 7 thicker.

3 No headphone jack

A story which emerged before the holiday period has resurfaced in early 2016, adding fresh weight to suggestions that the headphone jack's days are numbered.

Apple will apparently ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7, instead offering users the chance to plug in headphones using the Lightning charging port.

Industry gossip also points towards Apple selling its own wireless Bluetooth headphones or bundling ear buds with the required connector.

This move could make the iPhone 7 a lot thinner than its predecessors.

4 Antenna bands begone

iPhone 7 rumours

Word is those ugly plastic strips on the back of the iPhone 6s, which ensure mobile connections stay strong, will be covered up in the iPhone 7.

Why? To ensure the device is waterproof.

Rumours have consistently pointed towards the new smartphone being officially waterproof, after 2015’s models were found to be able to withstand brief dunks and drops into liquids.

5 iPod Touch design

iphone 7

The ultra slim iPod touch is no longer an Apple bestseller. But the personal media player is said to be the design basis for the iPhone 7.

The phone is thought to be no more than 6mm thick, making it significantly smaller than current iPhone models.

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