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iPhone 7: Four futuristic smartphones that are more exciting than Apple’s latest

iphone concept future

Apple may be readying a new iPhone for launch. But the device which it reveals on September 7th will not be nearly as exciting as in past years.

The iPhone 7 is set to come with only minor changes to previous models, despite the fact that Apple is facing up to a massive annual decline in smartphone sales, not to mention lurid headlines about its business practices.

If you’re after a new handset, the new iPhone is not something to get excited about. Here are four futuristic devices that are set to be much more enticing.

1 Samsung Project Valley

samsung flexible phone hero

First reported back in June, Samsung’s forthcoming ‘Project Valley’ smartphones have the potential to be the biggest game-changers the smartphone world has seen in a decade.

Unlike its existing Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7, this pair of new phones are set to feature flexible, rather than curved, screens.

What does that mean? Well according to insiders, one of the devices will be an eight inch tablet that can be folded into a five–inch smartphone.

The other is set to be a smaller, flip phone–style device.

Samsung is leading the charge with display tech and these phones could be the first commercially available devices to use flexible screens. Word is they’re due for launch in February 2017 at Mobile World Congress.

2 HTC’s Google phones

google in apps

Google is said to be ditching its Nexus brand this year, instead teaming up with HTC to develop two new smartphones with a simple ‘G’ logo on the back.

Little is known about these futuristic devices, other than they’ll come in 5 and 5.5–inch variants and feature an enhanced version of Android Nougat.

The latter will mark a departure from the Nexus range of old, which always used a basic version of Android.

Google execs have said in the past they want to use their own phones to showcase Android’s skills.

These new handsets may well be the full–on Google phones we’ve always wanted.

3 LG V20

LG V20

The first phone to run Android Nougat out of the box, the LG V20 is set to be revealed this week at the IFA tech show in Berlin.

Not much is known about the V20 so far, although Google has confirmed it will come with a shortcut to its new In Apps search tool.

That means you’ll be able to delve into Gmail, Messenger and Spotify to find what you need without opening specific apps.

LG’s design profiency means it’s likely to be every inch the iPhone-beater when it gets the official nod.

Image source: CNET

4 iPhone 2017

iphone 7 new leak

Apple might not be playing ball this year. But the rumour mill continues to churn with tales about a staggeringly brilliant, next–generation iPhone that will blow rivals out of the water.

This device, launching to mark the tenth anniversary of Apple’s original smartphone, is thought to feature a curved OLED display, a screen that covers the entire front of the handset and a whole new look which will see Jony Ive’s design team ditch the traditional home button.

Whether Apple will wait until autumn 2017 to launch is debatable. By that point it will be a long way behind its innovative rivals.

Could it launch a new iPhone as early as next spring? Here’s hoping.

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